Charles Oakley Will Attend The Knicks-Cavaliers Game In Cleveland Tonight

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Daily News  —  Charles Oakley confirmed he plans to attend the Knicks-Cavs game in Cleveland on Thursday. It is unclear if Oakley is going as a guest of his friend LeBron James, who has publicly supported Oakley after Oakley was forcibly removed from Madison Square Garden two weeks ago.

In a text message to the Daily News, Oakley would only say that he will be inside Quicken Loans Arena for the game.

There’s a lot going on right now, what with the trade deadline just an hour away. But this has to be mentioned.

Once the chaos of today dies down… once all the moves have been made or not made or whatever the hell might happen happens… we’ll sit down in front of our televisions and turn on TNT. And sitting right there, right behind that Cleveland Cavaliers bench, in the two rows of seating controlled by LeBron James, we’ll see Charles Oakley.

Charles Oakley, likely sitting next to Maverick Carter or Rich Paul or World Wide Wes or someone in LeBron’s pos– inner circle. Right there on our TV screens every timeout or stoppage of play for two goddamn hours. Right on James Dolan’s TV screen. And it’s going to drive that fat little asshole absolutely insane.

Anyway… with just an hour left until the deadline I’m cooking up a Ham’s Hoops Roundup to recap everything that’s happened. Should be up around 5, depending on what happens over the next hour.

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