Good Morning To Everyone Except The People Investigating The Fat Pie-Eating Goalie For Gambling

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BBC  —  Sutton reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw is under investigation by the Football Association for potentially breaching betting rules during Monday’s FA Cup loss to Arsenal.

The Gambling Commission is also investigating if there was a breach of betting regulations after Shaw ate a pie in the 83rd minute of the game.

Before Monday’s game, a bookmaker offered odds of 8-1 that Shaw would eat a pie on camera during the match.

He later said it was “a bit of banter”.

Shaw, 46, ate the pie while standing by the substitutes’ bench.

Asked whether he knew if anyone had taken up the bet, he told the Daily Mail: “I think there were a few people. Obviously we are not allowed to bet. I think a few mates and a few of the fans.”

The Gambling Commission, which licenses and regulates gambling in Britain, says it is looking into whether there was any “irregularity in the betting market and establishing whether the operator has met its licence requirement to conduct its business with integrity”.

First things first… I don’t want to know anything about this guy and why he’s on this team. I’ve intentionally avoided stories about him because I don’t want to ruin this. I don’t know if this is all a joke, or if he’s actually just a coach, or if this is some special circumstance. I have no clue. And I want it to stay that way.

In my mind, Wayne Shaw is just a fat goalkeeping savant. He’s like Boris Diaw or Bartolo Colon. His natural talent outweighs the weight issues, pun intended.

No matter how out of shape he gets, Wayne Shaw will always have the gifts. He’ll always have the innate ability to tend goal, regardless of how filled up with pie he gets.

That’s the Wayne Shaw I know… that’s the only Wayne Shaw I ever want to know.

As for the Gambling Commission, these guys can screw right off.


Just think for one second about what you’re investigating here. A fat man ate a pie he was offered. You might as well indict the sun for rising. So a few people profited off of it – do you really think that changed anything for Wayne? Do you think he was actively searching out a pie because his mates would make a few hundred pounds off it? Do you think that ever went through his mind? Of course not. He saw a pie, ate said pie, and maybe remembered like two hours later that there was a wager on that. In the moment it’s just Wayne and his pie, and that’s all that matters.

You want to investigate something? Investigate the bookkeeping site that offered those odds for incompetence or collusion.

8/1 odds? Guys that should have been 1 to 8. Shit, maybe 1/100. You should not be able to lay less than your potential return on the odds that a fat man will eat the food he’s handed. You shouldn’t even get odds on that period. You want to investigate a little tomfoolery? See what was going on with the oddsmakers and whether or not they themselves were able to profit off this.

That’s the real story here. Not a fat man eating pie.


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