Can Someone Get Boogie A Bigger Desk… And A New Team #FreeBoogie

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How? How in the world can you not love DeMarcus Cousins? Sit down and explain to me what you don’t like about DeMarcus Cousins. Oh he has a little bit of a temper? Sorry he cares so much. Sorry his desire to win is so deep it overwhelms his emotions. Bill Russell made locker room attendants have to clean up puke before games because he cared so much. Michael Jordan punched his teammates in the face because he cared so much. Kevin Garnett concussed himself on the stanchion before games because he cared so much. I don’t hear them get criticized.

What, because they won some titles? So you’re only criticizing him for not winning titles. Listen here buddy, it’s hard to win in the league. It’s especially hard to win when you play for an incompetent organization and a bevy of awful coaches and when then best point guard you’ve ever played with is freakin Ty Lawson.

I’ll never criticize a guy for caring too much. If that’s your biggest weakness then myself and Michael Scott will be happy to sign you to a five year max contract.

Look at this man. Observe how giving and hilarious and fun loving he is off the basketball court. Watch as he pours his soul out on the hardwood every night. You don’t want him? Fine. I’d trade my whole team and my left nut to have this guy represent my franchise day in and day out. Because when the day finally comes that DeMarcus is wiping his tears away with Bill Russell’s jacket sleeve on stage with Adam Silver, you’ll all rue the day you decided not to push your chips in the middle on the Boogie man. #BoogieForever #FreeBoogie

P.S.   I don’t know how this one picture transformed into that whole blog. Whatever. It’s been a long week.

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