This Bill Walton-Dick Vitale NBA Broadcast On ESPN Is… Something

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A picture says a thousand words. Dick Vitale and Bill Walton have said the other Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand.

I don’t even know how to describe what’s happening on ESPN right now. If you’re not tuned into this Bill Walton-Dick Vitale talk show featuring a Cavs-Pacers game, you need to get to ESPN immediately and smash that volume up button. Walton and Vitale are just screaming over each other, trading barbs and spitting absolute nonsense back and forth. It’s a beautiful disaster.

I’d say Dave Pasch has lost control, but he never had it to begin with. Dude has spent years and years grinding away in this business, and tonight he’s being asked to juggle two geriatric loose cannons as they fire takes back and forth over his head. They legitimately haven’t stopped talking for the entire broadcast and I honestly wouldn’t blame Pasch one pit if he just dropped his mic and walked out of the arena.

It’s halftime now. You have a few minutes to get to ESPN. DO IT.




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