Stat Of The Day: Stone Cold Steve Austin Has Stunned 46% Of The People In This Photo

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What a time to be alive, huh? The Small Business Administration Chief and family on hand in the Oval Office with the President of the United States of America. The people responsible for fostering the growth of small business around this country of ours. And all but one adult in the room has been hit with the Stone Cold Stunner.

And you know what? I wouldn’t put it past Stone Cold to kick right through those Ovall Office Windows… yes, one of those bulletproof glass windows… and stun Shane mcMahon’s wife through the President’s desk.

Oh you think that’s insane? Really? Look at that tweet again and tell me what insane is. Tell me what’s implausible in this day and age.

All I can imagine right now is Stone Cold kicking through the Oval Office windows… yes, the bulletproof windows… and stunning Shane McMahon’s wife. You don’t think that’s possible? Really? Look at that picture and tell me what’s not possible anymore.




P.S.   Maybe the worst Sell of a Stone Cold Stunner in the history of human existence. There are paraplegics who could be more convincing than The Donald there. Maybe the funniest thing about Trump is that in never wanting to look bad, he subsequently ALWAYS looks bad. From preposterously aggressive handshakes to Stone Cold Stunners to running the entire country, the guy is such an insecure narcissist he can’t get out of his own way.


P.S.   Of all the insane cabinet hires Trump has made… Betsy DeVos who literally does not know the difference between growth and proficiency as Secretary of Education… Rick Perry as the head of the Energy Department four years after saying he’d eliminate it… Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA when he is currently involved in multiple suits against them and has so many conflicts of interest with fossil fuel donors and PACs it would take four paragraphs just to name them… I mean I could go on here but I think you get the point.

But Linda McMahon… I like the move. What do small businesses need to grow? Marketing. Well who better for that than the greatest marketers the world has ever seen? Vince and Linda McMahon have sold a fake wrestling soap opera to billions and billions of fans for almost half a century, myself included. Are you looking to grow your small business? I think they can figure that out, okay. Don’t worry, it’ll be great. Spectacular. The best small business of all the small businesses. Not a big business. I do big business. But don’t worry it’s be great.

That’s definitely how the Small Business Administration works, right?

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