Kid Rock, Noted Authority Hater, Might Be Running For Senate. And I’m Here For It.

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As the old saying goes… You either die a rebel. Or live nine months later to see yourself become the authority.


You know what? I’m here for it.

Democrat or Republican, Insufferably Arrogant SNL Writer or Failed Businessman Turned Reality TV Star, Liberal or Conservative… if you care about your community, I’ll get behind you. If you truly care about the people and truly want to get involved, I respect that and I’m here to help.

So much of politics these days is politics, you know what I mean? Gerrymandering and redistricting. Sending someone to win a congressional seat in a state they’ve never even been to. Big oil, Big pharma, Big tobacco. Corporate interests. Coastal elitism. You know, that kind of stuff.

What we don’t see anymore are people who just want to make their community a better place. That’s why politics started, right? When Moses made up the ten commandments he was just trying to make Israel a safer place from radical Egyptianism and a fairer playing field for all Israelialytes. I’m sorry, do you not support the troops? Do you not support equality? Well that’s why he got into politics.

I want politicians from the grassroots who are in the community. Politicians who love their people. You can say a lot of things about Kid Rock. But you’ll never hear anyone say he doesn’t love Detroit. Detroit is his home. So much so that it’s the only place he ever plays concerts anymore. Like ever. He refuses to play in other venues that definitely ask him to play there. He bleeds Detroit blue through and through.

Experience has already been proven invaluable in today’s political arena. A basic understanding of the constitution doesn’t take you anywhere anymore. You need passion and a simple, digestible message. Kid Rock has the passion, and I’ve got the slogan:

Kid Rock, A Solid Foundation For Detroit (and also the rest of Michigan)

Folks, I think we just mapped out a road to Washington for old Kid Rock. Let’s make America Badwitdaba Again.

P.S.   I’m seriously here for this just for the potential of Kid Rock’s opponent using this tweet in an attack ad.

“Kid Rock has no respect for the authority. Is THIS the type of person you want representing the city of Detroit and the people of the great state of Michigan? this How can you expect him to respect the people of Detroit when he doesn’t even respect the authority he’s trying to become? I’m Isiah Thomas and I approve this message.”


P.P.S.   Gotta refill that fucktank, Kid. Can’t have a Jeb Buch low energy candidate.

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