James Dolan Suspended Charles Oakley From MSG For Life. Tonight’s Knicks Game Is Gonna Be Something Special

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I don’t even know what to say at this point. This organization is such an embarrassment it’s impossible to even put into words. They’re an embarrassment to the franchise they used to be. They’re an embarrassment to the NBA. They’re and embarrassment to the city of New York. They’re en embarrassment to the entire idea of professional sports.

The level of incompetence that we’ve witnessed in just the last three days… I truly, genuinely can not believe what’s happening right now. The last fifteen years have been a string of disgraces, and yet this stands out above all the rest.

I just watched the James Dolan interview on Michael Kay’s show. I’m in no way joking when I say it was the most infuriating thing I’ve ever watched. That pathetic, thin-skinned child lied and groveled his way through 20 of the most embarrassing minutes of radio in the history of modern media. Over the course of the interview he…

  • Banned Charles Oakley and called him a security risk to Knicks fans, furthering the innumerable similarities between Dolan and another certain thin-skinned, incompetent New York billionaire
  • Blatantly disparaged Oakley in such a disgraceful way I wanted to puke, saying he had anger issues and was his own worst enemy and suggesting Oakley might be an alcoholic
  • Said fans have come up to him and told him they appreciate him, which might be the biggest lie ever
  • Said basketball decisions were “not in his skill set”, which would be the biggest understatement ever if not for the fact that NOTHING is in James Dolan’s skill set
  • Claimed he has a great relationship with every other Knicks alumni, which anyone with a brain knows is false
  • Said he wouldn’t exercise the opt-out in Phil Jackson’s contract, basically allowing Phil to continue to drive the personnel side of the franchise further into the ground
  • Deflected every question in regards to the on-court failures of the team by saying “ask Phil”, basically admitting that this guy who he’s just given free reign to run the team has not done anything good enough for him to comment on
  • When asked if the last few days were an embarrassment for the team, responded: “I would say that Charles should be embarrassed. Should we? We’re sad.”
  • Confirmed he’s going to the game tonight, more on that in a second

I’m so angry right now that I’m all but punching the keyboard to write this. This franchise is in absolute shambles. Our team president is openly criticizing our star player in the media while out team owner just embarrassed a franchise legend on National TV, got him arrested, and banned him for life. If the Knicks reputation throughout the league wasn’t already ruined by the last 15 years… if it wasn’t already ruined by the last few years and everything Phil Jackson has done… it’s surely done now. It’s over. As long as James Dolan owns this team, stars will never come to play here. What possible incentive do you have? Hey, come play for the worst owner in sports who will publicly embarrass you and disparage your name. Come play for a douchebag narcissist president who will drag your name through the mud in the media and subtweet you like a high schooler. Come play for a franchise that will drag team icons out of the arena against their will and suggest they have mental health issues in a press release. Who wants to sign with the Knicks!?!?!?

I’m going to the game tonight. I’m dead serious when I say this is the most excited I’ve been for a sporting event since I went to the Giants Super Bowl. I’m going to boo James Dolan harder than I’ve ever booed anything in my life. This is going to make that Pats fans booing Goodell look like a golf clap. This is 15 years of pent up frustration and embarrassment and anger at the incompetence of this fat little loser. I’m gonna boo James Dolan and chant Charles Oakley’s name until my lungs start bleeding. And if the Garden happens to collapse on top of us tonight. Just know that I died happy knowing James Dolan went down with us.

P.S.   If something happens and I end up in jail. Just know it was for a good reason.

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