Ham’s Hoops Roundup February 10th – Dirk Does It Again

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Scores and ATS Results:

Houston 107 – Charlotte 95   (Houston -3)

Philadelphia 112 – Orlando 111   (Philadelphia +6.5)

Cleveland 109 – Oklahoma City 118   (Oklahoma City Pick Em)

Utah 105 – Dallas 112 (OT)   (Dallas +3.5)

Boston 120 – Portland 111   (Boston +2)

Have A Night Russell Westbrook & James Harden

Look, I know I post these two a lot. Not even just a lot… it’s every time they play. Triple Double, 30-15-8, dropping forty-plus. It’s always the same. I’ve considered not posting them anymore because of it. Like hey Ham, we get it, Russ and Harden are awesome. Maybe give some shine to guys who are outperforming their typical output. You know, rather than heap more praise on two guys for simply meeting the outrageous standards they’ve made seem so typical.

But it’s still surreal to me. It’s insane the load these two are bearing on a nightly basis and the way they’re doing it. It’s simultaneously spectacular and routine. And until I’m unimpressed by the standards they’re setting, I’ll keep posting these videos. I can’t in good faith recap the night’s NBA action without it. So once again, your two leading MVP candidates doing their damn thing…


Have A Night Lonzo Ball

The shot form of the Ball brothers is sorcery. It’s sorcery. That’s the only way I can explain how these shots continue to go in. Dude’s arm is cocked like he’s about to dab. HOW… HOW do these shots go in consistently? I’ll tell you how… it’s sorcery.

Game Of The Night

Awesome game in Dallas between the Mavs and Jazz that featured more Dirk being Dirk. Two nights after hitting two monster three pointers against Portland, he was back at it again. He led a massive fourth quarter comeback and hit this shot, off a rebound, to send the game into overtime. Why Harrison Barnes was taking the shot in the first place I’ll never know. But it worked out in the end.

Though to be fair, Barnes was awesome in the fourth and carried the Mavs in overtime, scoring 8 of his 31 to lead them to a huge comeback win.

Don’t sleep on this Dallas team. They’ve won 7 of their last 10 and sit just 2.5 out of the eighth seed out West. That’s a brutal race filled mostly with young, inexperienced teams. Don’t be surprised to see Dirk and the veteran Mavs win out. (You know, for the chance to get swept by Golden State)

Shoutout to All Star Gordon Hayward. 36 wasn’t enough, but it warrants mentioning.

Around The Association

Yesterday the Bucks lost Jabari Parker to a torn ACL. Huge loss for a team that just got Khris Middleton back and could have posed as dangerous a threat to the top four (Cleveland, Boston, Washington, Toronto) as anyone in the East. Injuries suck.

The Knicks are even more of an embarrassment than usual to the NBA, the city of New York, the sport of basketball, and really just sports in general. More on that later.

Schedule for Friday, February 10th

Denver – New York   (-1.5)

Miami – Brooklyn   (+6.5)

San Antonio – Detroit   (+4.5)

LA Lakers – Milwaukee   (-5)

New Orleans – Minnesota   (-3.5)

Indiana – Washington   (-5)     8:00   ESPN

Golden State – Memphis   (+7.5)

Atlanta – Sacramento   (+1.5)

Chicago – Phoenix   (+2.5)

Schedule for Saturday, February 10th:

Golden State @ Oklahoma City   8:00   ABC

Durant’s first game back in OKC. Hopefully this is the one time the Thunder can make this game competitive.

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