Good Morning To Everyone Except The UCLA Staffer Who Dropped A Cheerleader On Her Head TWICE

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My favorite part about this, assuming this girl is okay and not severely injured, is the failed heroism of the second drop. I can’t stop laughing man. In this guy’s mind he was the medic from Hacksaw Ridge. He was carrying people out of harms way like their life depended on it. “Hey blue couldn’t we just walk this girl off safely?” “No man, WE HAVE TO GO GO GO GO GO” And my man started sprinting into the arena like both their lives depended on it. There was absolutely no need to carry her off that fast unless you have some kind of hero complex going on. And it could not have backfired in a more hilarious manner.

Also yeah I hope that girl is okay

P.S.   Bill Walton dropping that Safety First was, whether intentionally or not, an absolutely hilarious little one-liner in that moment.

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