Ted Cruz Congratulated A Woman For Having Multiple Sclerosis… Wait, What?

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Hey, Ted Cruz is trying here people.

Credit where credit is due. Learning the very basics… and I mean like the ground floor basics… of human empathy is a difficult task. You and I may not realize that. We were raised learning how to use empathy. It’s kind of like learning a language. You go through life believing English is so east because you’ve just used it forever. It’s always been a part of your conscious existence. It’s a constant, deeply engrained part of your core as a human being.

Okay, now speak Mandarin. Right now. Do it. This woman is speaking Mandarin to you, right to your face:


You’re 46 years old and still on Mandarin 1. You’ve barely finished the third chapter of the book. And now you’re being asked to respond in Mandarin in front of the class. You tried to memorize your three lines, and you think you’ve got it down. But this is still just your first few weeks of learning Mandarin. You don’t have the pronunciations and inflections of the voice down pat. So you screw a word up.

That. That’s what it’s like for Ted Cruz right now. So he screwed a word up. You know what? That’s okay. Have a little empathy for Ted here people. He’s trying… so why don’t we all try to give him a chance.


P.S.   Still the best worst joke ever. (And the most cringeworthy)

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