Ham’s Hoops Roundup February 8th – CJ Outlasts Dirk

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Scores and ATS Results:

Brooklyn 107 – Charlotte 111   (Brooklyn +10.5)

Orlando 104 – Houston 128   (Houston -11.5)

Portland 114 – Dallas 113   (Dallas +2)

Have A Night C.J. McCollum

Been a lot of talk on here recently about killers… CJ McCollum is a killer. Dude is so goddamn good, just surgically picking the defense apart using angles and positioning and one of the smoothest midrange games out there.

We’re at the point now that I want to see CJ get his own team. He deserves it man. And it’s not that he and Dame aren’t a great pair. They’re just redundant. They do a lot of the same things. And both players, and the Blazers, would benefit long term for finding an equal value trade for McCollum. Somewhere like Orlando in a package centered around McCollum and Ibaka makes a lot of sense, but it can be anywhere. The more and more I watch him, the more I think he could have a Harden-esque breakout when given the keys to his own offense.

Have A Night Dirk Nowitski

As great as that CJ shot was, it’s a bummer that it wiped out what Dirk did. That was so awesome man. The second he caught each of those passes in the last second everyone watching knew the shot was going in. Never a doubt in my mind. Sat on my couch and just shot my arm up so fast you’d think it spasmed. And both with so pure.

I’m hoping Dirk has at least a few more moments left in him this year. I’m not ready to write the whole goodbye blog, so I’ll trust that there’s a few more vintage Dirk performances left. Goddamn I love this man.

Have A Night James Harden

Another night, another 26-13-6 for Harden. At least a dozen beautiful lobs off the pick and roll. Complete control of the game. Just a casual, brilliant dismantling of a vastly inferior team.

Have A Night LaMelo Ball

Yes, that’s Lonzo Ball’s younger brother. Known already on the internet as the kid who called his shot and pulled up from half court.

He scored 92 points last night. Ninety Two. On 61 shots.

But the thing is… it really wasn’t anything special. In fact it kind of sucked. Having seen that half court shot I was expecting like 17 threes and some insane shotmaking. Nope. Dude just cherrypicked the entire game and waited for full court passes.

I don’t wanna be the grump old 24-year-old blogger but how was that cool in any way. Watch these highlights and tell me what was fun about that. LaMelo gets a full court pass, scores of vastly inferior defenders, walks under the hoop as if he just did something amazing, cherrypicks, and waits for another full court pass.

Not only am I not impressed by this… I kind of hate this kid now.

Dude what are you even doing on this team? Half the kids are fat and white. All of your baskets are cherrypicked layups. What’s the point of being there? Go to Oak Hill. Go to Monteverde. Go somewhere else where you’ll be tested on like the most basic possible level. 92 points against what looks like a JV team when you cherrypick the whole time is so wildly unimpressive that I kind of think less of you as a basketball player now.

Also eat one cheeseburger for me man. Just one.


Schedule for Wednesday, February 8th

Cleveland – Indiana   (-2.5)     7:00

San Antonio – Philadelphia   (___)     7:00

Denver – Atlanta   (-4)     7:30

LA Lakers – Detroit   (-7.5)     7:30

Washington – Brooklyn   (+9)     7:30

Miami – Milwaukee   (-3.5)     8:00

Phoenix – Memphis   (-10)     8:00

Utah – New Orleans   (+4)     8:00

Toronto – Minnesota   (+3.5)     8:00

LA Clippers – New York   (+2)     8:00

Chicago – Golden State   (___)     10:30   TNT

Boston – Sacramento   (___)     10:30

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