Charles Oakley Arrested For Trying To Fight James Dolan & Shoving A Security Guard During The Knicks Game

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First of all, that was a surreal moment. Watching the camera go from Kristaps at the line to a dude shoving the SHIT out of a security guard to thinking “wait is… is that… is that CHARLES OAKLEY???”… to watching a billion security guards drag him out and actually take him to the floor.

Holy shit.

That was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen on live TV. I still can’t believe it happened. And I can’t believe ESPN actually stayed on him as he was being dragged out. They’re always afraid to show things like that on TV. Yet this time they stuck on Oak even AFTER he was taken down by the cops in the tunnel. So bravo to the ESPN camera crew and producers.

But more importantly… Every security guard who blocked Charles Oakley should be loaded into a cannon and shot into the sun. I don’t care if you’re doing your job. I don’t care if you’re protecting the person who pays you. If you choose the side of that fat slob rat faced back stabbing sexual assault-allowing sentient pile of garbage of a human being James Dolan over a Knicks legend and New York sports icon like Charles Oakley, you don’t deserve to live in this city, this country, or even this planet. You can’t determine right from wrong. You have no moral center. You have no conscience. If I can’t trust you to allow Charles Oakley to fight James Dolan, how can I trust you to live in my society?

I’m not even remotely kidding here. I’m genuinely mad that this fight was prevented. If it makes me a bad person to want physical violence inflicted on a human being, then lock me up right there next to Oak. I’ll do the time myself. I’m pro punching Nazis and I’m pro punching Dolan. He’s a disgusting human being. An embarrassment to humanity in every sense of the word. He’s a pathetic enabler… deceitful, immoral businessman… and of course a talentless hack with that stupid ass kazoo leading that stupid ass band.


This franchise is an absolute joke and it all originates from the top.

Fuck James Dolan.

P.S.   It literally took a bakers dozen security guards to take down Oak. And I’m pretty sure he could have killed each and every one with his bare hands if he’s wanted to. What a moment. #FreeOakley


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