Ham’s Hoops Roundup February 6th – Pierce Punctuates Parquet Pareer (Nailed It)

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Scores and ATS Results:

Toronto 103 – Brooklyn 95   (Toronto -7)

LA Clippers 102 – Boston 107   (LA Clippers +5.5)

Portland 99 – Oklahoma City 105   (Oklahoma City -4.5)

Have A Night Paul Pierce

In other Boston sports news, Paul Pierce played his last game on the Parquet last night and had one hell of a sendoff.

I still have nightmares about Paul Pierce. Poll 100 Knicks fans on who the last person you want to see with the ball in their hands to end a game, and 92 will say Paul Pierce. He ripped my heart out so many times I can’t even begin to count. He was a stone cold killer, which is why you KNOW he was making that shot last night. It was a bigger lock than the Patriots winning in Overtime.

So congrats to Pierce on a great career and a very cool final game in Boston. Might as well hang em up today rather than play out this season. Fake an injury and join Doc on the bench as a coach. That’s a whole lot better than having to play 30 minutes a night because your whole team is injured as you get swept off the court by Golden State in May.

Have A Night Russell Westbrook

Oh look Russ made the “Have A Night” section again. What a shock.

Have A Night Isaiah Thomas

Oh look Isaiah made the “Have A Night” section again. What a shock.

Game Of The Night

It was the Super Bowl. That was the game of the night.

Around The Association


This picture is really all that matters.

Schedule for Monday, February 6th

Cleveland – Washington   (-1)     7:00   TNT

Los Angeles – New York   (-4.5)      7:00

Oklahoma City – Indiana   (-4)      7:00

LA Clippers – Toronto   (-5)      7:30

Utah – Atlanta   (+1)      7:30

Philadelphia – Detroit   (-9)      7:30

Miami – Minnesota   (-1)      8:00

Phoenix – New Orleans   (-6)       8:00

Dallas – Denver   (-3.5)       9:00

San Antonio – Memphis   (-2.5)       9:30   TNT

Chicago – Sacramento   (-1.5)       10:30

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