Ham’s Hoops Roundup February 3rd – Chuck Tagged Shaq Back

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Scores and ATS Results:

LA Lakers 108 – Washington 116   (LA Lakers +10.5)

Atlanta 113 – Houston 108   (Atlanta +9.5)

Philadelphia 86 – San Antonio 102   (San Antonio -15.5)

Golden State 133 – LA Clippers 120   (Golden State -7.5)

Have A Night John Wall

Wall is just in complete control right now. Short of maybe just Isaiah Thomas, there’s no hotter player in the NBA. Getting to the hoop at will, murdering teams in transition, seeing the floor as clearly as ever, hitting open shots. He’s borderline unstoppable – and it’s translating into win after win after win for a Wizards team that’s now won 16 straight at home. A few more weeks of this and Wall’s name will have to enter the MVP discussion.

Have A Night Tim Hardaway Jr.

Have a god damn night Timmy. 33 points, 23 of those in the final period to spur a massive fourth quarter comeback for Atlanta. One of those incredibly fun “feed the hot hand” quarters that few guys in the league are capable of.

Also yeah I guess Dwight way okay too. Whatever

Have A Night Willy Hernangomez

This comes a day late after not getting a chance to post the HHR yesterday, but I couldn’t go without mentioning that Wednesday Night performance from Willy. Dude single handedly won that game for the Knicks down the stretch. The effort on the glass, the craftiness around the basket, the beautiful touch, the two-man game with Porzingis. It was the lone case of beautiful basketball in a game that was otherwise severely lacking.

The Knicks may be a disaster. They might lack any semblance of cohesion on the court of hope moving forward. But it’s fair to say they’ve found at least one more young building block in addition to Porzingis. Move Kristaps to the five (again, MOVE. KRISTAPS. PORZINGIS. TO. CENTER)… find an athletic, defensive-minded four… and bring Willy in as the first big off the bench. That’s a solid, if not spectacular, big man rotation

Oh and draft a real point guard who can max the talent of KP and Willy. That too.

News Of The Night

The NBA announced the field for the Dunk Contest, Three Point Shootout, and Skills Competition last night. Same format for all three as last year, starting off with four bigs vs. four smalls in the Skill Challenge:

(I have Porzingis in a route)

Three Point Shootout looks pretty normal and WAIT IS THA SWAGGY P’S MUSIC

And the Dunk Contest, while it may not live up to last year, still has a pretty great field

If you don’t know the name Derrick Jones Jr., he’s a D-Leaguer from UNLV who’s dunk videos went viral starting in high school. Dude has outrageous… and I mean OUTRAGEOUS bounce. Let’s just hope he’s not James Flight White 2.0 taking 15 tries to do every dunk.

Around The Association

A few days after Shaq put Chuck on a poster with his “you don’t know nothing about winning back to back” comment, Chuck tagged him back.

What an incredible set of reactions these two have produced this week:



Blake palmed Kevon Looney to an early grave

P.S.   Shaq and Chuck saying Blake “needs to play like this all the time” every time he gets a couple of bully-ball baskets is some of the most annoying, predictable analysis on TV. Shaq, YOU ARE 7’1″ AND 350 POUNDS. PEOPLE CAN’T JUST DO THAT LIKE YOU COULD. STFU.

Nope, not getting in the way of that

Mo Buckets… not headed for any type of dunk contest in this life

Kawhi had the midrange working last night. Impossible to stop him when he’s hot form there

TNT had White Chocolate eating out of a White Chocolate fondue fountain with Kevin Garnett last night.. Again, TNT HAD WHITE CHOCOLATE EATING OUT OF A WHITE CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN WITH KEVIN GARNETT

Schedule for Friday, February 3rd

Toronto – Orlando   (+5)     7:00

Minnesota – Detroit   (-4.5)     7:30

Indiana – Brooklyn   (+7)     7:30

LA Lakers – Boston   (-11)     8:00   ESPN

Chicago – Houston   (-6.5)     8:00

Memphis – Oklahoma City   (+1)     8:00

Milwaukee – Denver   (-2)     9:00

Dallas – Portland   (-5.5)     10:30   ESPN

Phoenix – Sacramento   (-4.5)     10:30

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