Bob Costas Was The Star Of The “This Was The XFL” 30 For 30 Last Night

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(go to the 10:50 mark of the second video for this moment)



What a night for Bob Costas. What a goddamn night.

Anyone who watched that XFL 30 for 30 last night knows that Costas absolutely stole the show. In a doc that featured Vince McMahon, Dick Ebersol, and Governor Jesse The Body Ventura, among others, Bob Costas was the most electric man on screen. It was peak Costas – talking down on the XFL from the tippy top of mount pious. The man pulled zero punches in letting us know just how disgusting and disgraceful the very existence of this league was in his eyes… and I loved every second of it.

I’m a huge Costas guy. YUUUUGE. He’s a Napoleon complex wrapped in self importance, and yet has the knowledge and the cachet to back it all up. There’s just this air about him that I can’t help but respect. He’s so pompous, and yet I never feel like it’s underserved.

I don’t know man. I just enjoy having Costas on my TV, maybe more so than any other studio guy out there. He makes everything feel so damn important, even if he’s demeaning all there is to know about the subject.

And he did that oh so perfectly with the XFL last night.

He must’ve mentioned how he wanted no association with the league about fifteen times. He was disgusted, and yet presented such an portrait of that disgust that you could understand the importance of the league. And the clips from the Vince McMahon interview? OHHHH.


The most incredible job of interview provocation you’ll ever see. McMahon wanted to rip his head off, and Costas just sat back laughing in his face. It was magical.

Shoutout to Bob Costas, and shoutout to that 30 for 30. Thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Highly recommended.

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