Winona Ryder Rode The Gamut Of Emotions During Chief Hopper’s Anti-Trump Speech At The SAG Awards

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First of all, just gonna pat myself on the back for that Title. Ryder Rode The Gamut Of Emotions. PUT. IT. ON. THE. BOARD. Ham out to an early 1-0 lead.

Second… how about Winona still bringing the HEAT at 45. I was talking with someone a few weeks ago about how great she looked in the show despite playing an insane woman. Understandably insane, but insane nonetheless. And that was all before she showed up in that dress last night. God damn Winona, I see you.

And finally, good for Chief Hopper a.k.a. David Harbour. Not for the speech. Look, great speech. It’s very, very hard to not come off overly pretentious in those type of speeches at awards shows. He did a great job. Tying it all in with the Stranger Things narrative? Fantastic. And to get this reaction out of Johnnie Cochran? Well done.


But good for David Harbour for landing what should be a career changing roll and capitalizing on it. One of the most quintessential “oh, yeah, that guy” guys in all of Hollywood. Been in some movies, been in some shows, done a ton of guest spots. Never knew his name, but always recognized him. Now I know his name. Now the next blog I write about him will say David Harbour and not “Chief Hopper” or “that guy”. At the very least, he’s now “David Harbour, you know the guy from Stranger Things who gave that awards show speech where Winona Ryder ran the gamut of emotions”. And hey, at least that’s a step up from “that guy”.

P.S.   Hey Matthew Modine, you know how you just give off this weird, creepy vibe simply by existing? This ain’t helping, my guy.


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