Ham’s Hoops Roundup January 30th – All Of The Overtimes

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Scores and ATS Results:

New York 139 – Atlanta 142 (4OT)   (New York +6)

Oklahoma City 91 – Cleveland 107   (Cleveland -8)

Houston 101 – Indiana 120   (Indiana +3)

Washington 107 – New Orleans 94   (Washington -1)

Orlando 114 – Toronto 113   (Orlando +11)

Philadelphia 108 – Chicago 121   (Chicago -7)

Dallas 105 – San Antonio 101   (Dallas +12)

Golden State 113 – Portland 111   (Portland +6)

Have A Night John Wall

Washington just keeps winning.

Have A Night Jimmy Butler

Jimmy (and Dwyane) might not be happy in Chicago, but dude is still balling.

Have A Night Steph Curry

Yes this was two nights ago, but it couldn’t go without mentioning

Game Of The Night

Wild game in Atlanta. Four Overtimes, a couple of big time shots, and basically the entire Knicks team fouling out of the game. Amidst all the trade talk, Melo came out and lit the Hawks up for 17 in the first, 45 on the night, and two massive shots to send the game into OT and then again into double OT before fouling out. On the other side Paul Millsap had himself a night. 37 points, 19 rebounds, and 60 minutes of court time. Paul Millsap played a full hour of basketball yesterday and was one of the last starters/meaningful players left standing by the end of that fourth OT. Wild, wild game – and one step closer to the top of the lottery for the New York Knicks.

Around The Association

Kristaps put Dwight Howard on a poster despite the most blatant, cheap, dangerous shove I’ve ever seen. It turns out trash is dirty – who would’ve guessed? (thanks folks,)

This was the point where I thought the Knicks game would literally never end. I was genuinely convinced we were going to a seventh overtime.

Fedora Gang stand up

RIP Clint Capela

The two handed fake is becoming the new move. Saw Marc Gasol pull it last week too. And I’m here for it.

Bye Russ


Schedule for Monday, January 30th

Sacramento – Philadelphia (+2)

Brooklyn – Miami   (-9)

Orlando – Minnesota   (-8)

Detroit – Boston   (-7)     TNT

Cleveland – Dallas   (+5)

Memphis – Phoenix (+4)    TNT

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