Ham’s Hoops Roundup Wednesday January 25th – All Black Everything

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Scores and ATS Results:

Boston 108 – Washington 123   (Washington -1.5)

Chicago 100 – Orlando 92   (Chicago -3)

San Antonio 108 – Toronto 106   (San Antonio +3)

LA Clippers 110 – Philadelphia 121   (Philadelphia +4.5)

Minnesota 112 – Phoenix 111   (Phoenix +1.5)

Utah 93 – Denver 103   (Denver -2)

Have A Night John Wall and Bradley Beal

After all that talk. After wearing all black and calling this a funeral for the Boston Celtics… these two delivered. Wall and Beal came out and combined for 58 points on 60% shooting and dominated that game from start to finish.

You really have to appreciate this move from Wall and Beal. Lazy Tuesday in January. Very little going on in the NBA world. And these two just turned it into a must-watch game and a sneaky captivating rivalry. I wanted them to lose. I wanted them to be embarrassed. But they rose to the occasion and absolute buried their newfound rivals. Standing O, nothing but praise for that.

Have A Night Nikola Jokic

It might be too late to get Jokic in the All Star Game, but dude has been BALLING over the last month. 23-11-6 last night against the best defensive frontline in the game, and made it look easy.

After a bit of a swoon to start the New Year, Denver has won 5 of their last 7 and now control the 8th seed in their conference. The Nuggets are constantly mentioned in trade talks because of their depth and lack of a superstar, but it might not be too early to say they’ve found on in Jokic. The dude can play with any big man out there, and right now he’s starting to realize his full potential. One trade and the Nugs could become a very dangerous lower seed out west.

Game Of The Night: San Antonio 108 – Toronto 106

Around The Association

Andrew Wiggins hit a Game Winner over P.J. Tucker and now the Wolves, winners of 6 of their last 8, are starting to form a Pa– I’m sorry I’m sorry trying to delete

Hello Devin, Goodbye Devin

Look at Air Italia go!

Not Ideal: giving up a 19 point lead to the Joel Embiid-less Sixers

Schedule for Wednesday, January 25th

Sacramento – Cleveland   (-11)

Houston – Boston   (+3.5)

Miami – Brooklyn   (+3.5)

Atlanta – Chicago   (+1.5)

Philadelphia – Milwaukee   (-11)

Toronto – Memphis   (-6)

Oklahoma City – New Orleans   (No Line Yet)

Golden State – Charlotte   (+9)

New York – Dallas   (-2.5)

Los Angeles – Portland   (-9.5)

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