The New Star Wars Title Is The Young Je– Wait Sorry I Mean The Last Jedi

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Look, I gotta hand it to J.J. Abrams and everyone involved in the Star Wars revival. It’s a well established belief that Hollywood as a whole has ruined nearly every sequel or reboot. I’ve long subscribed to it. Every single attempt to reboot a franchise or remake a movie has been worse than the original, short of a small handful of efforts.

But credit where credit is due – they’ve done an incredible job with Star Wars. The Force Awakens, while in many ways similar to A New Hope, was a fantastic revision of the original and a great jumping off point. Rogue One was a thrilling and daring addition to the franchise as a whole. And as the first of what should be a number of “spin off” movies, it absolutely delivered. I’d put Rogue One up there with any of the originals, only falling short in regards to our attachment to the characters. If the rest of these spin offs are anything close to Rogue One, they’ll have done it all right.

I’ll wait until the trailers to start speculation on The Last Jedi, but god damn does that poster get my heart rate up a few notches. DUHHH DUHH DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN DUNNNN.

P.S.   While we’re here.


Star Wars Rankings

  1. The Empire Strikes Back
  2. Return Of The Jedi
  3. Rogue One
  4. The Force Awakens
  5. A New Hope
  6. The Phantom Menace
  7. Return Of The Sith
  8. The Clone Wars


P.P.S.   I hate myself


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