Johnny Manziel Tells Trump To Ignore His Twitter Mentions, Then Deletes His Account

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I see a lot of people attempting drag Johnny for this. As if this was somehow immature or something.

Folks, have you ever heard of leading by example? You know why they say “do as I say not as I do”? Because real leaders lead and fake leaders talk. In my humble, honest, opinion this is the most encouraging thing we’ve ever seen from Manziel. Forget learning the playbook and going through a route tree. If Tim Tebow showed us anything it’s that you get a ton of leeway if you’re religious and also that leadership is about 95% of the position. This is leadership folks. And I wouldn’t be that shocked if old tangerine tiny hands saw this move and smashed that Delete button himself. Donald likes winners, and last I checked Johnny Manziel ain’t took an L since ’15.


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