Good Morning To Everyone Except The SportsCenter Research Team

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“You have a dog named Halle Berry. Is she Bad or is she Boujee?”

“She’s dead.”


Hey guys, maybe… just maybe… you might want to do a little research here before you get into the personal questions. Yes, I understand that the status of Big Boi’s wife’s dog is probably not information of public record. But if you’re going to close things out with a question about said dog, I’d at least make sure she was alive. Crazy notion, yes. But better to be a little be over-prepared than to leave Cari Champion out to dry here. Doesn’t get worse than asking about a dead dog. Dead dogs are the saddest thing in the world. Yes, that includes humans. Humans are trash. RIP Halle Berry. You were both Bad & Boujee in my book, pup.


P.S.   A+, 100%, standing ovation for that deadpan response from Big Boi. So perfect you’d have thought this was a scripted. Laugh out loud funny.

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