Just Remember Folks,, Together, We Can Erase Racism #EraseRacism

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Folks,,  I know today might feel pretty grim for some people out there. It feels like we are more divided than ever. Men and Women, Black and White, Neo Nazis and People who aren’t Neo Nazis. The whole world just kind of feels out of whack, y’know? LOL. But hey, no matter how bad it seems, the grass is always greener on the other side, no offense to other colors. The sun is out today and it’s going to come back out tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow after that. We’re all just here on one big planet tryin to figure this whole thing out, but at least we have each other. Let’s make sure that we have all of each other, y’know? LOL. Over here at What’s The Action I’ve decided to take on a new initiative to show the world, “Hey world, I’m here for everyone”. So join me as we work together to Erase Racism. Whaddaya say??


Anyone have an extra eraser?


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