Good Morning To Everyone Except This Paul Finebaum Caller Who Still Thinks Alabama Is The Best Team In The Country

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Hey man, he does make a good point. Clemson did only beat Alabama one time. What’s one game? It’s not like this was the “win this and you’re now the best team” game. It was just a game. A normal game like every other game. Alabama beat Clemson every other time they played. You gonna tell me this game was more important than the Season Opener in 2008? Or the 1969 blowout? Or the 3-0 classic back on 1909? It’s one game. Alabama still owns Clemson’s rear end. National Championships don’t mean jack. Alabama has more National Championships. Roll Tide.

In all seriousness, I can relate to this guy. I’m writing this in jest for two reasons.

1) This is why we love Bama fans. Their entire aura. This audacious sense of arrogance that’s entirely… and I mean ENTIRELY connected to the Crimson Tide. Seriously – watch that video again. Alabama just lost the singular most important game of the college football season. The National Championship. The game that was literally made to determine who the best team is. A game played between the two best teams in the country, both on merit and consensus opinion. A game that came down to Clemson’s strength vs. Alabama’s strength. A game with no wonkiness or trickery or any sort of play (like, say, an Onside Kick) you might consider out of the ordinary that would affect the outcome. Straightforward team vs. team. Clemson beat Alabama as fair and square as possible. And yet this dude has probably been sitting in his rocking chair with a pipe every night thinking “We’re still the best baby, Roll Tide”. Gotta love it, man. Gotta respect that.

2) This really isn’t much different than me last year. I walked around for like five months after last years game muttering “we were better, we outplayed them, we should’ve won, goddamn special teams, Saban was scared, Saban knew he couldn’t beat us, Saban resorted to trick plays like a coward, we were better, we should’ve won.” Truth be told, I never stopped believing that – all the way up to last Monday night. And I was validated. So while I personally think it’s stupid to suggest that Alabama is better than Clemson right now, I can’t hate this guy for thinking it. Do you man, do you.


P.S.   This is porn. This is porn for me.

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