Trump’s Inauguration Concert Features All The Biggest Names In Music – NOT!

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Wow, Donald. Very impressed. All of the greatest artists in entertainment, all there to honor you! This is surely a great indication of your ability to close deals! Congratulations – NOT!


Good lord dude, that is absolutely brutal. I mean don’t get me wrong, Three Doors Down had some freaking HITS back in the day. I won’t speak ill on them no matter how laughable it is that they’re the headliners of this sparsely-attended circle jerk.

But the rest? SAD!

Toby Keith is sentient garbage. Lee Greenwood is like 90 years old. Big & Rich made that one song, “Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy”, that was the favorite song of every kid you hated in college. He couldn’t even get the other half of Sam & Dave, whoever they are. And I’ve never heard of anyone else.

Even worse – the actual biggest name on that list, The Rockettes, are a group of women being forced against their will to perform by a fat little insecure ewok trust fund billionaire James Dolan who wishes he could perform himself but is such a talentless hack that he couldn’t beat out some country music nobodies like Tim Rushlow or Travis Greene who even the most die hard country music fans in this half-filled Inauguration audience haven’t even heard of.

Look, I’m not going to pretend that being scorned by the entertainment industry actually means anything towards the Presidency. We all know Hollywood is filled to the brim with narcissists who overestimate their own importance. This means nothing in regards to Russia, the economy, CHINER, taxes, the Syrian situation, etc.

But the fact that this tiny hand tangerine couldn’t get one single relevant musician… not even ONE… to perform at the most important event in the country is pretty goddamn embarrassing.

Yes, all his supporters can play up the “we don’t want the coastal elites and liberal Hollywood performing” angle here. I’m sure they’ve read enough facebook fake news that Taylor Swift and Beyonce begged Trump to perform and he turned them away. But you know this drives Trump absolutely insane.

Three Doors Down and Toby Keith… 2017 Headliners!



P.S.   This is just salt in the wound. Trump literally could not get a Springsteen Cover Band to play the biggest event in the country, and Barry had The Boss come play a casual set for his staff just for the fun of it. First class shade thrown by Barry. What a way to go out.

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