Folks, I Don’t Think Russ & KD Are On Speaking Terms Yet

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Remember how excited we were for these Warriors-Thunder games? How anticipated and hyped they were. The Russ vs. KD, Russ vs. The Warriors, Russ vs. The World narratives. The “Now I Do What I Want” commercial. The pettiness on both sides through the media. It was everything.

Now? Now it’s just super duper depressing. These games aren’t even fun – they’re painful. Russ was so clearly hurt, and KD is just in such a perfect situation, and it all just sucks.

OKC just has no chance. Not like “oh this is a movie and the nerd has no chance against the bully, but something is gonna happen to turn the tables”. They just have no chance. The Warriors will never lose a game to the Thunder with these teams as they are. This went from the best rivalry in basketball… a seven game CLASSIC West Finals with more sure to come… to what I guess could be described as an athletic representation of cuck porn.

Durant swung everything in Golden State’s favor and ruined any chance at parity in the Western Conference for the foreseeable future. And look, I don’t necessarily hate the idea of Superteams and stars teaming up. Cavaliers-Warriors III will be awesome once we get there. It’s that the best true contender to this new Superteam was murdered in the process that truly kills me.

So if Russ wants to hold this grudge forever, I don’t blame him. Ignore his attempts to reach out, glare in his direction, yell at your teammates for talking to him. None of that will change what’s happened. The Warriors will continue to blow the doors off the Thunder. But at least we can get a few Vines Twitter Videos (RIP Vine) and stories like this to write about. Because the games themselves? They’re just depressing as hell.

P.S.   If Durant truly didn’t care about what everyone has to say, he would’ve made more of an attempt to block this dunk. Oh you don’t care what the fans and the media have to say about you and Russ? You just care about you and your current team? Okay, then go for the block. Or are you worried you’ll get roasted on the timeline if Russ dunks on you. Yeah, exactly.

(I’m searching for some kind of Durant slander here. That’s really all I’ve got.)

P.S.   Zaza is a garbage human being but I also hope Russ reams out his team for doing absolutely nothing here. You absolutely can’t let this happen without throwing hands at Zaza or, at the very least, a full-force shove. Bad job by you OKC. Bad job by you.

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