Al Franken and Rick Perry Had QUITE The Exchange At Today’s Senate Confirmation Hearing (And Possibly Earlier Too)

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Yo can you imagine Rick Perry and Al Franken just going down on each other over and over again on that couch. Rick unbuckling some oversized Texas belt buckle and spanking Al with it. Running his hands through Al’s curly hair while he gets the succ. Rick using too much teeth but getting the job done. Then they switch things up. Al, hairy ass body and all, laying back on that couch. Rick removes his glasses before going to work. Al undoubtedly talking the entire time like a dentist while Rick can’t respond. Rick unexpectedly dropping a digit. Al being completely freaked out but then kind of getting into it. Just a couple of high ranking United States government officials blowing each other before a Senate Confirmation Hearing. Classic Illuminati stuff am I right?



Wow, Ham, Jesus Christ dude what is wrong with you? is what you might be saying right now.

And yes I’m kind of asking myself that too.

But as we approach the Inauguration and everyone is freaking out one way or another let’s at least regain some sense of normalcy and make childish jokes about this stuff. I’m not trying to downplay any real fears or concerns over the next four years. It’s an unprecedented time in American politics, cultural division, global relations, etc. and I understand that. All I’m asking is that — if only just to make social media a little more bearable the next few days/weeks/years — we acknowledge all of that while also having a little fun with it. You know, like imagining two 60-year-old statesmen blowing each other to completion on the couch of Senate Office. Classic political humor.

Yeah maybe I should just stick to sports.

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