Kid Goes To Take A Charge And, Well… He Dead

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Folks,,, I’m worried folks. I’m worried about the future of the poster dunk. Why? I’ll tell you why. Follow along here for a second…


The sport of football is in trouble. Not to the extent that many people would lead you to believe – but trouble nonetheless. Trouble because at the ground floor level… the Pee Wee and Pop Warner and Youth Football level… there’s a de-emphasis on tackling in practice. I’m not here to argue whether that’s right or wrong. I’m just stating the facts – and the fact is that youth football teams are hitting less and less.

And, as a result, players are less used to hitting. Not necessarily less inclined to hit, just less accustomed to hitting. And as these players grow up and enter the league, we’ll see the results.

People recognized the dangers of hitting, took a little more time to recognize the dangers at the youth level, and started gradually removing it from the youth game.

That’s where taking charges in basketball comes in.

Look at this video. These kids are like 12. If you are a parent or a coach, are you comfortable letting your child take charges? Sure, most charges will result in nothing. But what if your child takes that charge that murders their self confidence like this? What if they never recover and see #4 leaping over them in their nightmares? What if… god forbid… the video hits the internet? Are you comfortable with the idea that your son could be #dead on the timeline any time they step to take the charge.

Folks, getting posterized on the timeline is the new CTE. And all I’m saying is, don’t be shocked if you see more and more youth teams avoid charge-taking in practice the way that hitting has been removed from football. And while we might not see the results for years, maybe even decades, those changes will come. Soon enough the scrappy white point guard who takes charges might go the way of the Fullback and the traditional linebacker.

I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin.


Also, RIP this kid.

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