Guys, I Don’t Think Ben Boulware Forgot About Desmond Howard’s “Achilles Heel” Comments

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Ben Boulware?

This guy?

Yes, I think I can buy that this guy might remember a slight or two. I think he might be able to hold a grudge. I think he might care about the Clemson football program and how it’s perceived. Maybe, just maybe.

Look, I’m not always here for athletes getting petty with the media. Petty with opponents? Of course. Anything in regards to competitive pettiness only serves to add to a rivalry. Cavs-Warriors has become petty as all hell and it’s made that rivalry oh so much fun.

But petty with the media? The media is out for this. They love it because they profit off it just as much, if not more than the players. Like, they literally make a profit from things like this. Desmond Howard will be on TV more because of this. He’ll get interviewed, his profile will be raised, and it will work in his favor. Networks don’t care if you’re right, they care if you’re listened to. And for better or worse, people will now listen to hear what Desmond Howard is say – if only just to hear him be oh so incredibly wrong again.

But in this case I’m here for it. I mean it’s just so perfect. If Desmond calls them the “weak link” or the “chink in the armor” then there’s just nothing there. But to call them the Achilles Heel, only to have it thrown right back in your face with the most perfectly placed tattoo of all time? Good god man, that’s just fantastic stuff. Incredible move from a guy in Boulware who could not have turned that slight from Howard more on it’s head…


Week and a half later and I’m still on cloud nine. What a game. What a season. What an eight years it’s been.

And yeah, what a difference a year makes.

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