Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” Music Video Is… Well You Kind Of Just Have To Watch It

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Look, incredible job by the director. Great sense of humor, way to make the best of the situation, yada yada yada.

I’m just worried this sets a dangerous precedent in the music video industry. Lord knows this isn’t the first time an artist has shown up late/not even shown up for a shoot, and we know it won’t be the last.



Well, what happens when artists start to realize that a they can avoid the work of music videos altogether? What happens when they see that this diva-like approach can be repackaged as a reality TV-esque parody on their vanity and laziness? What will happen to the art of the music video?

Thriller could have won a freakin Oscar. When Doves Cry made us all cry. Stacy’s Mom took our innocence. And now Young Thug has some film school dropout burning through a $100,000 budget with B-roll footage of Instagram models and kids in cop cars with snarky commentary.



What happened to the art? What happened to storytelling? This is like watching true sports journalism reduced to fat bloggers rambling about music videos instead of dissecting the Cavaliers over-emphasis on waiting for Kyle Korver to come off screens to their own detriment from last night’s Cleveland-Golden State game. Wait…

Really drew myself into a corner there.

Um… well… I guess… I don’t know…

I guess just remember that no matter how tough things are at work today… no matter how hungover you are from the long weekend… no matter how bleak the next two months look until March Madness starts… you too can always make the best of a bad situation at work, no matter what job you have*.

*Assuming you have a $100,000 budget


P.S.   “We can just hire a kid from right here, Thugger. It’s LA, there’s literally child actors everywhere”

“Nah man I flew this kid in from Biloxi, fit him for a uniform.”


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