The Los Angeles Chargers Really Knocked Their New Logo Out Of The Park

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Good God man, did someone actually get paid for this? Was this a real Logo design that won out over the other logo designs? How has every single new logo/updated logo introduced over the past few years in professional sports been absolute garbage. And in LA, no less. I thought LA was the bastion of creativity? Shouldn’t there be 10 different Don Drapers out there competing to make this logo? And this is what they’ve settled on? This was the best option? A slanted Dodgers logo with a little lighting bolt squiggle? Dude… what?

There are no less than half a million people on Twitter that could make a better logo than this. Photoshop wizards on every corner of the internet. I mean I’m AWFUL at photoshop (see: above) and I could still roll out something better than this in an afternoon of work. There’s little reason for people to get excited about this move in the first place, and unless this was all a ploy to get everyone talking about the team on twitter, this ain’t helping.

As for the actual move to LA? Eh, whatever. Look I get why the Chargers would move to LA. The money, the stadium, the market, their owner is sentient garbage who tried to strong arm the people of San Diego into paying for the stadium instead of forking up the money himself. I get all that.

It’s a pretty lateral move if you ask me. You’re moving from a city with apathetic fans and perfect weather and millions of options on a Sunday rather than attend an NFL game to another city with a larger pool of apathetic fans and slightly less perfect weather and millions of options on a Sunday rather than attend an NFL game. It’s not like you’re leaving a city like Green Bay where it’s all they’ve got. It’s San Diego. Like 50 people actually care about the Chargers. I mean actually care. It’s like Boltman and a handful of people who owe LaDainian Tomlinson a debt for winning them a Fantasy Football title back in ’07 before they even moved to San Diego.

Whether you’re in San Diego, Los Angeles, wherever, more and more people are starting to realize that attending NFL games in person is trash anyway.

Shit, I don’t even want to go to a Giants game unless it’s like a great… and I mean GREAT Sunday Night matchup. Travel to New Jersey? Tailgate in that hellhole parking lot? Walk like 30 minutes to get into the game? Sit in the freezing cold or with the sun directly into my face? Have absolutely nothing to do during the ten dozen or so TV timeouts? Pay $150 for food and beer? And then worry about getting home from Jersey after it’s all done? No thanks. I’ll sit on my couch with two TV’s and Redzone up and spend maybe $30 on beer and delivery.


You go to maybe one game a year, watch the rest from your couch or a bar, and thats it. If you’re a fan of the team you’re a fan of the team. I’m not going to stop rooting for Clemson because I can only go once a year now that I’ve graduated and don’t live there anymore (HAHAHAHAHAHA NATIONAL CHAMPS HAHAHAHAHAH ROLL TIDE LOLOLOLOLOLOL AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Whether you’re five minutes or five hundred miles from the stadium doesn’t matter, going to live NFL games is trash.

So yeah, they moved to LA. Whatever. It’s a bigger market with a bigger pool of potential people who might go to one game a year. They’ll split the stadium with the Rams and get a Super Bowl there once every few years. Great. Whatever. This is the most lateral move in the world. I can’t get worked up over the Chargers leaving paradise for La La Land (Topical reference there Ham). Sorry, San Dieguns. Just go to the beach or something.

P.S.   This picture will never not be funny


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