Matt Lauer Rocked The Hell Out Of A Choker On The Today Show

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mattlauer_choker2  –  As the host announced on Wednesday morning, “chokers for men are a thing now too. Asos has a wide selection of male chokers, some in velvet and others in cotton.” However, he continued, “they’re late to the game because, guys, I have been wearing a choker for years.” Lauer then paused to loosen his tie and unbutton the collar of his blue dress shirt to reveal that, beneath all those layers of business casual, he was in fact wearing a very tasteful and understated black choker. His co-host for the week Katie Couric joked that he used to wear a dog collar under there to which the news anchor quipped, “when I worked with you I did, and a leash!”

I can’t be the only one who’s not surprised by this, right? I mean, come on. OF COURSE Matt Lauer is a choker guy. He might be the most obvious choker guy. Just look at him. He’s the prototypical older metrosexual New York guy. Balding with a grey beard, more flamboyant in his later years, walking around SOHO in a V-neck that’s preposterously low for a guy in his late fifties, probably wearing capris. And of course outrageously rich. Like, “I just bought Richard Gere’s mansion for $36 million dollars” rich.

Oh and speaking of Richard Gere… you know Matt’s into some weird stuff in the bedroom. I don’t know if he’s sticking gerbils between the cheeks like Gere, but you can bet the rent that man knows his way around some BDSM equipment. Matt Lauer is a freak, that’s just a know fact. I bet he likes t– actually, you know what, that’s probably enough Matt Lauer sex talk for today.

As for this new trend, I’m probably out. It’s not that I’m not fashion forward. I cuff my pants every once in a while now, nbd. I just can’t imagine wearing something around my neck like that.

I’m not an accessories guy. I’m to OCD to even wear a watch. I just fiddle with it nonstop until eventually it’s off and soon enough lost. I mean god help me when I eventually have to wear a ring in marriage. That thing will be off and spinning like a top on my table at the freaking wedding reception. I’ll be playing quarters with it before I cut the cake. I’m a large adult child and if you give some something easily removable on my body, I guarantee it will be removed.

So no, I won’t be taking part in the male choker movement. Or any kind of accessory movement for that matter. But hey, have at it fellas.

P.S.   Necklaces. These are just tight necklaces, right? Just want to make sure we’re on the same page here.

P.P.S.   Chokers on hot girls though >>>>>>>>>>

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