Lena Dunham’s Abortion Comment Was Just Her “Delusional Girl” Persona Talking. Oh, Cool.

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I wrote some really controversial things in this blog. Sorry in advance. It was just my “weird blogger” persona that I often inhabit. I take full responsibility for that persona’s actions.

lenadunham My latest podcast episode was meant to tell a multifaceted story about reproductive choice in America, to explain the many reasons women do or don’t choose to have children and what bodily autonomy really means. I’m so proud of the medley of voices in the episode. I truly hope a distasteful joke on my part won’t diminish the amazing work of all the women who participated. My words were spoken from a sort of “delusional girl” persona I often inhabit, a girl who careens between wisdom and ignorance (that’s what my TV show is too) and it didn’t translate. That’s my fault. I would never, ever intentionally trivialize the emotional and physical challenges of terminating a pregnancy. My only goal is to increase awareness and decrease stigma. I take reproductive choice in America more seriously than I take literally anything else, and therefore own full responsibility for any words I speak that don’t convey this truth clearly. I know plenty of people will never like a thing that leaves my lips, mea culpas or no, but this apology is for the women who have placed their trust in me. You mean everything to me. My life is and always will be devoted to reproductive justice and freedom. You know how in some households you curse and have to put money in a jar? Well in mine, if you mess up your pro-choice messaging you have to give a sizable donation to abortion funds (https://abortionfunds.org/need-abortion) in New York, Texas and Ohio 💰I look forward to fighting with you all for the next four years and beyond.

Sometimes I wish my ancestors had gone through slavery.

Oh, sorry, didn’t see you guys there. Huh? What’s that? Oh, no. That was just my “Ignorant White Boy” persona I often inhabit, a boy who careens between having every advantage in life but wishing he was funnier and more athletic and better at dancing (that’s what my blog is too) and it didn’t translate. That’s my fault. I just wish I had gone through that too so that I could make black issues in this country more about me and less about everyone else. My only goal is to increase awareness and decrease stigma. And of course to make it about me. Sorry, my bad.


GOD DAMN I love that excuse man. Absolutely brilliant. Sorry to come out of the gates so hot right there but I can’t help myself. This is the best excuse of all time and I want to push the limits.

Of course that first example was a joke. I’m not going to start saying outlandish things like (redacted for legal reasons) or (redacted for legal reasons) or (redacted for legal reasons).

But that doesn’t mean I can’t start blaming my different personas on everything else I do. I like to rewrite lyrics of songs or photoshop pictures and sometimes include obscenities (sorry, Mike Francesa) and post them on Twitter. Sorry, that’s just my “large adult child” persona speaking.

Sometimes I write controversial takes that offend some people. Sorry, that’s just my “hot take ham” persona speaking.

And occasionally I like to insert myself into other people’s personal tragedies to satisfy my unprecedented narcissism under the guise of wanting to help. Sorry, that’s just my “Lena Dunham” persona speaking.

Look, I don’t want to do the things I do. But I can’t help it. A man can’t control every impulse of every one of his personas. Like 2 Chainz said, I got a mind filled up with ideas, some of this shit might sound weird.

Sorry, this blog was just my “Weird Blogger” persona talking.

I take full responsibility for any words that I speak and by full responsibility I mean blame my persona, not me.



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