ICYMI: Boogie Cousins Night, In One Word? Ridiculous

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Editors Note: This excerpt appeared in Wednesday’s edition of the critically acclaimed “Ham’s Hoops Roundup”, a daily look at all the things that happened in the NBA the night before. It has all the scores and Against The Spread results and highlight videos and important vines/tweets and of course HOT TAEKS you need from around the NBA. You should read it every morning. P.S. I’m the editor.

Boogie Forever

Tough to find a more Boogie Cousins moment than last night. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that that was the most Peak _____ moment any player has had in the last two seasons short of Kobe taking 50 shots in a meaningless game (always here for you with the Kobe slander).

It just had everything. 55 points and a showcase of his outrageous talent. Intense beef with some middle-of-the-road big man placed on the court for no reason other than to poke and prod and blatantly attempt to goad Boogie into a tech or two. A controversial ejection for something that may or may not have occurred – and something the general public may or may not be okay with. A full speed print into the locker room, reminiscent of a a six-year-old getting sent to his room.

And yes, an un-ejection.

The man was called back into the game and had a technical rescinded. Only Boogie. Only Boogie would have that happen. And if you didn’t laugh at his Willis Reed-esque trot through the tunnel, then what are you even watching the NBA for.

And yet despite all that action. Despite a double nickel and reversed rejection. The highlight of the night came post-game.

That quote captures the Boogie Cousins Experience in a number of way. Ridiculous is the numbers he’s posting on a nightly basis. Ridiculous is the lack of talent and structure he’s dealt with over the course of his Sacramento tenure. Ridiculous is the reputation he’s built up through his own actions. It’s all ridiculous. And as we near closer and closer to the Boogie Cousins trade that HAS to happen (right?), the general public is finally getting to see what’s really going on here. The Boogie Cousins Experience: Ridiculous.

(And I still love him)

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