Ham’s Hoops Roundup – Wednesday, Dec. 21st

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New Orleans 108  –  Philadelphia 93  (New Orleans -3.5)

LA Lakers 113  –  Charlotte 117  (LA Lakers +8.5)

Brooklyn 104  –  Toronto 116  (Brooklyn +15.5)

Orlando 136  –  Miami 130 (2OT)  (Orlando +3.5)

Indiana 111  –  New York 118  (New York -4.5)

Cleveland 114  –  Milwaukee 108 (OT)  (Cleveland -3.5)

Boston 112  –  Memphis 109 (OT)  (Boston -2.5)

San Antonio 102  –  Houston 100  (San Antonio +1)

Portland 121  –  Sacramento 126  (Sacramento +1)

Denver 102  –  LA Clippers 119  (LA Clippers -8)

Utah 74  –  Golden State 104  (Golden State -12.5)

Incredible Night of games around the Association. Boogie lost his mind, Melo led an awesome comeback at MSG, The President Dunked On The King, Giannis and Jabari took Milwaukee to OT with the Cavs, Lebron hit a game-clincher from the parking lot, The Rockets gave up a 13 point lead with 4 minutes left to the Spurs, Ibaka hit a No-Look bank shot to sent it to OT, The Warriors did Warriors things. JaVale did JaVale things, and so much more.

Lot’s to get to. Here’s all the Hoops.

Boogie Forever

Tough to find a more Boogie Cousins moment than last night. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that that was the most Peak _____ moment any player has had in the last two seasons short of Kobe taking 50 shots in a meaningless game (always here for you with the Kobe slander).

It just had everything. 55 points and a showcase of his outrageous talent. Intense beef with some middle-of-the-road big man placed on the court for no reason other than to poke and prod and blatantly attempt to goad Boogie into a tech or two. A controversial ejection for something that may or may not have occurred – and something the general public may or may not be okay with. A full speed print into the locker room, reminiscent of a a six-year-old getting sent to his room.

And yes, an un-ejection.

The man was called back into the game and had a technical rescinded. Only Boogie. Only Boogie would have that happen. And if you didn’t laugh at his Willis Reed-esque trot through the tunnel, then what are you even watching the NBA for.

And yet despite all that action. Despite a double nickel and reversed rejection. The highlight of the night came post-game.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s obvious what’s being done out here. It’s a nightly basis. I hope the world can see now what’s really going on out here, because it’s getting ridiculous.” 

That quote captures the Boogie Cousins Experience in a number of way. Ridiculous is the numbers he’s posting on a nightly basis. Ridiculous is the lack of talent and structure he’s dealt with over the course of his Sacramento tenure. Ridiculous is the reputation he’s built up through his own actions. It’s all ridiculous. And as we near closer and closer to the Boogie Cousins trade that HAS to happen (right?), the general public is finally getting to see what’s really going on here. The Boogie Cousins Experience: Ridiculous.

(I still love him)


I like to clown on Melo. You like to clown on Melo. We all like to clown on Melo. But at the end of the day, for me at least, it’s all in good fun. Yes it can be frustrating to watch Melo jab step and iso ball the Knicks out of games a little too often. And yes I’ll sit there sometimes and say I hate having him on my team. But I don’t hate the guy by any means. I only truly hate the people in sports who I think are genuinely awful human beings. I think Phil Jackson is a genuinely awful, spiteful, pompous, asshole of a human being. Carmelo Anthony is not.

I think Melo genuinely loves his teammates. I think Melo loves playing in this city and being a representative of New York. I think Melo is well versed in societal issues and want to work with both sides in a smart, impactful way. Is he lazy defensively and misguided in his belief that iso ball is the best way to win? Of course. But that’s who he is. And that No Trade Claus of his ain’t going anywhere soon. If you’re still hung up on those things – things he’s actually improved on more than the casual “I watch ten games a year and talk about how I hate Carmelo” fan would ever care to notice – you’re never going to be able to appreciate the nights when things are great.

Last night? Last night those Melo haters were Q-U-I-E-T. Some night before Christmas and all through the house quietness. Tough shots. Off balance shots. Grown Ass Man shots. The full Melo arsenal was on display. Just big shot after big shot after big shot. Many against one of the premium players and defenders in the East in Paul George.

He ignited a monster comeback in the third quarter – comeback this team desperately needed on the heels of a three game losing streak. And he created a magical night in the Garden in a way that few guys in this league can. Goddamn that was fun. #StayMe7o.


Kristaps? Oh he just hit a couple monster threes down the stretch to tie the game, give the Knicks the lead, and then one last one to put the game out of reach. Just another three-plus blocks, three-plus three pointers game in the books. Just a Unicorn doing Unicorn things.


Jabari With A Breakout Game

Yes this was in a loss, but what a game Jabari had last night. Dude just bullied the hell out of that Cavaliers team – Tristan Thompson and Lebron James included.

Jabari Parker is explosive. We hear it so often these days that we’re almost numb to it. But facts are facts. No matter how many times you watch the Bucks, you can’t get over how quickly he attacks the rim.

Valient effort from Jabari, Giannis, and the entire Bucks team last night. Had every opportunity to win that game, but just couldn’t hit their free throws down the stretch. And if not for a ridiculous Lebron three (below), they might still have done it.

This Bucks team is flawed. They lack shooting and experience. But they are damn fun to watch and they’re continually improving week by week.

Tonight we get a rematch of this one on NBATV, hopefully with Kevin Love in the lineup for the Cavs.

If Giannis starts hitting threes consistently that’s a problem for everyone

The President Dunked On The King (and on Kyrie too)

Lebron didn’t get the last laugh. You know, because we’re all still watching that dunk. But he did get a win. So… there’s that.


IT Also Went OFF

44 points on 16 shots? Sure.

Houston We Have A Pro– I’m sorry, I’m sorry, trying to delete

I still believe Houston, when healthy, is the second best team in the West. They have the firepower to score at will and a defense that, when healthy, has bodies to match up with anyone in the Conference. They’ll be without Capela for six weeks, which I outlined yesterday. But as long as they can hang around the 3 or 4 seed in the West in that time, they’ll be fine.

What I would worry somewhat about is how easily they gave up that lead last night. They turned it over what felt like a dozen times down the stretch and played some of the sloppiest basketball we’ve seen from them all season. And as impressive as Harden has been (he’s my MVP right now) and as great a job as D’Antoni has done (he’s my COY right now), it’s not out of line to question how much you can trust them in big moments. I’m not going to overreact to one game, especially against a defender like Kawhi. But can you remember the last time you saw James Harden hit a big time shot with less than 30 seconds left in a game? I’m not saying… I’m just saying…

Patty Mills. Bang.

Batum FTW

Ibaka Sends It To OT

LOL sure, okay

Stay Hot JJ

I’m not the only one wondering what’s going on in this Delly picture, right?

Dude Hit a Halfcourt Shot in Golden State To Win Five Grand

I Hate The Warriors, Volume 439128350


Guh Bah


Fall Back Patty FALL BACK

The Height Of My Game’s Like A Demar Derozan Vertical

This James Harden play may seem like a relatively routine James Harden play but I want you to take a look at who he did it on


Another Full Slate of Games Tonight.

See you right back here tomorrow.

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