Locum, A Scandinavian Stationary Company, Might Want To Rethink Their Logo

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You know what… on second thought… I love it. Did you know what Locum was five minutes ago? Exactly. Did you know any other stationary companies outside of Hallmark as of five minutes ago? Exactly. Next time you’re in a CVS on the way to a birthday dinner that you forgot about until just then, and you’re looking for a funny card, which brand will you reach for… The same tired old jokes about bacon or getting old from Hallmark a.k.a. Big Greeting Card, or the Swedish card that says I ❤ cum on the back? Exactly

Folks, that’s how you do branding.

P.S.   Seriously though, Hallmark is scraping from the BOTTOM of the barrel at this point. The well is beyond dry. Shopping for a card takes no less than 15 minutes at a time these days. I know it’s a card that will undoubtedly be thrown away within five minutes of opening, but I like to–at the very least–show the person getting the card that I have good taste in humor. And there’s just nothing left at this point. If I Love Cum, I mean Locum can spice up the greeting card game, I’m in.


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