Cris Collinsworth Just Annihilated Bill Simmons On Twitter

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Tough couple of weeks for your boy Simmons, huh? God damn man, that was B-R-U-T-A-L. BRUTAL.

Since we’re here…


Look, I can’t really fault Simmons for his show failing. Ok, I mean, yes, it’s his fault the show failed. The pre-taped segments STUNK. He looked uncomfortable on camera wayyyy too often. And the long-form interview, while great in podcast form, was never going to work on TV. Podcast interviews are so interesting because the interviewee can relax. There’s no audience, no camera, no fear of slipping up in front of a crowd/live TV. It’s an intimate conversation. He removed all of those elements and expected to get the same results. No surprisingly, that didn’t work.

What I really mean is that at the end of the day, you can’t fault him for trying.

I’m a proponent of “stay your lane”. Simmons is good at podcasting, great at writing, and incredible at recognizing, hiring, and harnessing talent. He should’ve known he wasn’t a TV guy. There was ample evidence that that was the case. Stay your lane, right?

The thing is… he conquered all of those lanes. He was the most read writer on the internet. Hosted the most downloaded podcast. And built one of the most well-regarded websites on the internet. Regardless of what you think of him and his columns and his podcasts, those facts are undeniable. If you reached the peak of your field, in multiple fields, you’d probably try a new venture too.

He did. And for the first time in his professional career, he took a real L. Now those L’s are compounding.

I don’t know what’s next for him. Maybe he tries TV in a different format. Maybe he goes back to writing. Maybe he just focuses on making sports docs and building the Ringer. I don’t know. I just hope for his sake that he’s self aware enough to take this L in stride.


P.S.   Don’t let this distract from the fact that Collinsworth stinks. Yeah, come at me Collinsworth.

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