Ham’s Hoops Roundup – Wednesday, Nov. 9th

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All The NBA You Need, Nothing That You Don’t

Sorry for the delay here. I like to have these out in the morning, but I’ve spent my entire morning coming to grips with last night like I imagine most of you have.

But it’s over. I mean it’s not over. But for now it’s over.

No politics, just hoops. I promise.

Let’s get to the games:


Atlanta 110  –  CLEVELAND 106
Atlanta covers (+8)
OVER (207)

BROOKLYN 119  –  Minnesota 110
Brooklyn covers (+5)
OVER (207.5)

MEMPHIS 108  –  Denver 107
Denver covers (+3) 
OVER (200.5)

PORTLAND 124  –  Phoenix 121
Phoenix covers (+7)
OVER (219)

Dallas 109  –  LA LAKERS 97
Dallas covers (+5)
OVER (203.6)

SACRAMENTO 102  –  New Orleans 94
Sacramento covers (-6)
UNDER (204.5)


I’m gonna start posting a nightly NBA picks blog to complement the Ham’s Hoops Roundup. Probably put the picks at the top, along with team ATS and Over/Under records so you can keep up with the trends. Then I’ll repost the bottom half of this blog (takes and highlights) at the bottom. I know that seems like I think my takes are so good they have to be posted twice. And yeah that’s exactly what that is.

Noticed a ton of Overs hitting recently, which you can see from last night’s games. That of course means you should HAMMER the Unders tonight. Vegas always adjusts and the numbers always fall back to the middle. As always, the extremes never win out in the long run. Take that statement however you’d like to on a day like today.

If at least 7 of the 11 games tonight don’t go Under tonight, I’ll… well I’ll probably lose a lot of money.

I Don’t Care What Any Of You Say, JR Smith Shirtless Jokes Will Never Get Old

I’ve been meaning to post a clip of the Cavs mascot taking his shirt off for JR’s intros the past two days. The procrastination was totally worth it now that I get to post this one. JR remains the best #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

How ‘Bout Atlanta, Huh?

I gotta say man, I really like this Atlanta team.

That was an impressive win last night, holding off a Cleveland team that came roarding back from an 18 point third quarter deficit.

Happy, reenergized Dwight is killing teams on the boards. Schroder has been awesome outside of that one Lakers game. Baze has really found his groove these last two games, hitting the dagger long 2 last night. Millsap remains a goddamn STUD. And with the way Boston, Indy, and the rest of the East has looked so far there’s no reason this team can’t compete for the two seed.

Kristaps Muscala

Something Is Not Right With Minnesota

It’s not that shocking to see Minnesota off to a 1-5 start (with their only win against a Memphis team resting starters). New coach, young team, irrationally high expectations. I get it.

But it’s still a little bit shocking, right? This team has started strong and fallen apart in the second half almost every game. And it’s not like they’re losing to world beaters either. Memphis… Sacramento… Denver… the freakin’ Nets. Whether thats a lack of ball movement, bad defense, or something else entirely, this is NOT the start we expected from Thibs and the Baby Wolves. They just can’t figure out a way to extend leads or close games in the fourth. It’s not time to hit the panic button yet. But another few weeks of this, in that extremely competitive bottom half of the West, and we could be talking about a disastrous first season for a team we thought would seriously contend for a playoff spot.

This play was still stupid impressive though…

Just Be Glad You’re Not On A Poster, Rondae

Can’t Say The Same For Brook…


I know it’s not nearly as easy as it looks, and I understand that only certain circumstances call for it. But it amazes me more teams don’t run the tip in play. There are way too many uber-talented seven footers in the league now not to run this more often.

Still not totally sure what to make of Memphis. Their four loss came to the Clips, Blazers, Memphis while sitting everyone, and the Superteam Knicks. Yet their four wins have come against relatively unimpressive, non-Playoff-bound teams. Really looking forward to their game at Utah on Monday to get a better picture. (It also feels like Utah is becoming my benchmark game for a lot of teams.)


And Another YEET

A+ caption, guy

Harrison Barnes Is TUNED UP For His Return To Golden State

Another 30 point night for HB. Who looks… dare I say… kind of looks like he might not be as bad as we thought he’d be? I don’t know, man. I mean he’s never gonna be an All Star. But could he maybe potentially be a guy in that rung right below it? His three 30+ nights have come against Houston, Milwaukee, and LA, so take it with a crack rock of salt. But maybe, just maybe, getting scorned by Golden State was the best thing that’s ever happened to him…

Big return to Golden State tonight. How funny would it be to see him hang 30 in KD’s eye. I mean, he won’t. But what if…

That CJ McCollum Extension is Starting To Look Like A BARGAIN

Back-to-back 30+ point games. 56% percent from three on the season. Perfect compliment to Dame when Dame is on the court and absolutely unafraid to take over when he needs to.

Steph and Klay is still the best backcourt in the NBA, unquestionably. But folks, that gap is shrinking. These two are a PROBLEM night in and night out. No idea how you contain both of them, let alone one.

Okay Fine, One Tweet About The Election 

This was too funny not to post. JoJo is a blessing. #TrustTheProcess

ICYMI from yesterday…

Kurt Rambis Is Now In Charge Of Defense. Phil Is Mad The Knicks Aren’t Running The Triangle. And I Hate This Franchise.

Hop on the merry go round everyone. Time to jump into the spin zone!!

I’m here for Jeff Hornacek.

Has he done a good job thus far? Of course not. I don’t think anyone believes that or would even pretend to. The offense has looked wildly disjointed at times. He’s gone extended stretches without Kristaps or Melo on the court far too often. Rose is shooting too much and creating literally nothing for KP. Melo has fallen back into iso ball too often, even if he’s shooting a respectable 46.7% from the field. Guys don’t always hustle back when we get out and run. And the defense absolutely STINKS.

But it’s still very early. Keep Reading…


That’s it for today. Sorry again about the lateness. Blame the… well you know who to blame.

Huge slate of games tonight. 11 in total. Couple of fun early games with Utah-Charlotte and Toronto-OKC. Two great late west coast games between Houston-San Antonio and Portland-LA. I’ll be out at the Garden for Knicks-Nets to support Baezingis but I’ll be back home to grind this thing out and have it to you by 9am.

See you right back here tomorrow.


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