Ham’s Hoops Roundup – November 4th

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Playoff Baseball was awesome, as always. Game 7 was an all timer. But in a weird way it’s nice to be done with it. October is the best, but it’s also kind of too wild sometimes. Four major sports all at once. Playoff baseball every night. NFL and College Football picking up. NBA and NHL kicking off. It’s insanity. Can’t keep up with all of it every night.

From here on out it’s basketball, basketball, basketball. Yes, as much as I hate the NFL, I still care a ton about it. Yes, I will still watch every Clemson football game living and dying with each play. Yes, I’ll still toss the Rangers on here and now. But night in and night, ball is life. And damn that feels good.

This is Ham’s Hoops Roundup. All The NBA You Need, Nothing That You Don’t.

TNT gave Kevin Garnett his own little segment within the whole Inside The NBA show. I have no idea what’s going on here. I don’t think Kevin Garnett even knows what’s going on. They just kind of throw it to Kevin Garnett out of the blue and he screams into the camera about how real he’s gonna keep it while putting on this blatantly fake, over the top act like he’s hosting a 90’s hip hop show. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m here for it. I am the most here for it. I just haven’t figured out what “it” is yet.

Almost doing yourself a disservice starting with Sheed as the first guest. All downhill from here.

To the games…

CLEVELAND 128  – Boston 122
Boston covers (-10.5)  OVER (208)

Valiant effort from Boston here without Horford and Crowder. 30 and 6 from IT. 26 and 10 from Bradley. And a breakout game from Jaylen Brown that kept them in this game in the second half. It’ll take a little time for Brown to develop his offensive game, but if last night was any indication, he’s going to be a problem in this league for a long time.

I still don’t understand how he got this rebound

But Tristan Thompson murdered Tyler Zeller and threw him into the first row. So Boston is down another man.

And Bron was too much. 30-7-12 on the night. 20 points in the third to basically put the game out of reach.

How comfortable are the Cleveland Cavaliers right now? They’re “JR Smith opening the game launching the most casual three point fadeaway you’ll ever see” comfortable. That’s how comfortable.

ORLANDO 102  –  Sacramento 94
Orlando covers (+1)  UNDER (198)

Boogie took Serge Ibaka and the rest of the Magic to class. 14 in the first. 33 on the night.

But Bismack finally started looking like Playoffs Bismack

And Evan Never Google Fournier poured in 29 for a Magic win.

Denver 102  –  MINNESOTA 99
Denver covers (+3.5)  UNDER (205.5)

I know we’re only four games in… but things haven’t looked fantastic for the Baby Wolves so far. 1-3, the only win against the Grizzlies bench. Can’t close out a fourth quarter to save their lives. Towns posted a 32 and 14 night. Wiggins continued to score like crazy. Dunn was awesome in the first half. But this team can’t figure it out int he fourth quarter. They’re obviously young, so there’s nothing to panic about. But if they can’t close games, they’re not going to the playoffs. You can not lose games in the National Basketball Association and still win.

Meanwhile Denver has looked pretty good so far. 2-2, their two losses coming by a combine five points vs. Portland and at Toronto. And outside of a 23-17 night against Portland, they’ve basically gotten nothing from Jokic so far. Deep, versatile team that could absolutely sneak into the 8th seed.


Hot start to your career, Jamal Murray!


MILWAUKEE 125  –  Indiana 107
Milwaukee covers (+2)  OVER (212.5)

Human beings shouldn’t be able to move like this. One dribble from half court. ONE.

GOLDEN STATE 122  –  Oklahoma City 96
Golden State covers (-10.5)  UNDER (222.5)

Hi Russ what’s that you’re wearing?


This game actually started great and looked well on it’s way to being a competitive game. When this shot went in I was convinced it would be a classic.

Steven Adams picked up right where he left off and continued to murder Golden State inside.

Jerami Grant, who’s been a part of the Thunder for about three days, threw the heavy mean mug at Durant after dunking in his face.

But then Adams got in some foul trouble and came out and well… well then the Warriors became the Warriors and Kevin Durant went into god mode.

Russ gave him the massive YEET that must have felt like the sweetest release.

So Durant came right back down and did the same

That’s about how the night went for OKC.

I never hated Durant for what he did. Did I like it? No. As a fan I wanted to see Golden State and OKC become the rivalry it could have become over the next few years. That WCF Finals was awesome. I wanted to see that over and over and over again. And as competitive guy I didn’t like seeing the best player join the best (regular season) team in the NBA. This wasn’t Lebron joining a borderline playoff Miami team and needing to create something. Durant was joining a team that was one 3-1 collapse away from back-to-back Titles. But at the end of the day I never hated him for it. 1) I think these old players who say they never would have switched teams are completely full of shit and I’m happy Kenny has been calling Chuck and Shaq on that this season. 2) What’s done is done. No sense fretting over it at this point. If anything, it’s fun to have such and unabashed, easily hatable villain. Do I wish he did it? No. But I never hated him for it.

After watching that game? Fuck Kevin Durant. Fuck Durant and fuck everyone on the Warriors.

This fucking guy… strutting around the court like he did something special. Dude you guys should be doing this. You should be beating every team by fifty. You joined the best regular season team of all time, what’s special about what you’re doing right now? You’re like a fifth grader fighting preschoolers. Nothing about what you’re doing on the court is impressive. Nothing.

And the shit talking with Kanter?

OKAY dude. Cool.

I mean how in the world can you possibly talk shit to these guys and look yourself in the mirror? You left them. You shit all over them. You have handled this whole thing TERRIBLY and taken not-so-veiled shots at your former teammates through the media. You’re in the wrong here. Of course they’re pissed off at you.

It’s like you climbed the mountain with these guys, got right near the top, then pushed them all down and then got mad at them when they yelled “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?” as they fell down the mountain.

I just don’t understand the move. I don’t understand how it’s supposed to be fun to win by 50 every night? Where is the joy in that? Where is the competition? Where is the journey? How is that in any way rewarding? How empty and lost as a person to you have to be to want this to be the way you reach the mountaintop? I mean I almost feel bad for the guy. Was that supposed to be closure last night beating OKC? Do you feel better now that you beat a team you had already killed by leaving them? How exactly does that work.

I hate Kevin Durant. I hate him with every fiber of my being. And I can not WAIT to watch Lebron rip his heart out in the NBA Finals.

That’s it for today. Big weekend of games coming up. Lot of NBA content coming out on What’s The Action this afternoon. Keep an eye out for that.


See you back here tomorrow. And check out all the ongoing NBA Preview coverage over at the What’s The Action NBA Preview page.


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