Dave Chappelle Is Hosting SNL On November 12th With A Tribe Called Quest Performing

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I had on this Spotify playlist called Get Turnt when I saw this news. I’m not proud of it, it’s just what happened. It was there on Spotify and I just clicked on it. One of those, “Eh, it’s Friday, whatever” decisions. Just kind of background noise to get me ready for Friday while I was writing the Ham’s Hoops Roundup (SMASH THAT LINK).

I think you can guess where this is going, so I’ll save you played-out “Rap these days…” take. You don’t need to hear that for the million time, and I don’t like giving those takes. I hate hearing it with basketball. So I can’t turn around and say the same thing about rap. That was then, this is now. Things change, things evolve. You can appreciate what rap was back then without having to vehemently hate what it’s become. It’s different, and that’s okay. There’s a ton of awesome music out there that doesn’t have to be 90’s rap for you to appreciate it.

I’m not gonna sit here and say I hate rap now, even though that Spotify playlist STUNK.

Just go listen to Tribe. Take this news as an opportunity to throw on The Low End Theory. Bump Midnight Marauders on your way home from work. Go enjoy some of the best music that was ever made.

It won’t be the same to see Tribe on SNL without Phife up there, but it’ll still be pretty damn cool.

As for Chappelle? Throw all expectations out the window. We could be talking about the first ever episode of SNL in the age of President Donald Trump. I can’t believe I’m writing that sentence, but the closer we get to Tuesday the more and more that reality is dawning on me. This might actually happen, which means Dave Chappelle might be the first comic with a major platform to talk about it. Wild stuff.

No matter what happens, SNL is must watch television for the first time in a while. Not “oh I’ll check it out on Youtube tomorrow”. Not “I’ll record it and watch when I’m home from the bar.” I mean absolute, sitting in front of a TV at 11:29 on Saturday Night Must Watch.

What a time.

P.S.   Black Trump has to be a sketch either way, right?

Link here


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