The Chicago Cubs Are World Series Champions After The Craziest Game 7 Of All Time

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God damn man. What. A. Fucking. Game.

The leadoff home run. Schwarber beating out a grounder on a torn ACL. Bryant’s BALLSY baserunning. Endless managing errors. Francona pulling Kluber one batter too late. Maddon pulling Hendricks one batter too early. Bryant absolutely FLYING around the bases to inexplicably score on the Rizzo single. That incredible mic’d up moment between Rizzo and Ross in the dugout about Rizzo’s nerves. Javy’s home run. Lester’s wild pitch. Lester’s subsequent three scoreless innings of clutch, GUTSY pitching. 39-year-old David f-ing Ross hitting a home run in his final game against Andrew f-ing Miller during arguably the greatest relief pitching postseason run we’ve ever seen. Maddon pulling Lester too early. Aroldis Chapman completely imploding. 36-year-old minimal power Rajai goddamn Davis tying tying the game against the greatest power reliever in baseball. Javy Baez OUTRAGEOUSLY attempting and failing to bunt with two strikes. Maddon inexplicably leaving Chapman in. Chapman proceeding to throw absolute meatballs throughout the 9th. The Kipnis foul ball that EVERYONE thought was gone. More managing blunders. Chapman SOMEHOW getting out of that inning. THE RAIN. The tarp being pulled out. The seemingly interminable delay that in reality was one of the fastest delays of all time. Schwarber leading off the 10th by beating the shift for the millionth time. Almora running for Schwarber and executing one of the best and now most important pieces of baserunning you’ll ever see. Zobrist hitting the double that anyone with a brain could see he was going to hit to take the lead. A big time piece of hitting from Miguel Montero to extend the lead. Carl not the NASCAR driver Edwards getting the Cubs one out from the World Series. Rajai goddamn Davis singling in a run and nearly killing the city of Chicago. The constant back and forth. The MOMENTOUS swings of emotion all game. The grit. The guts. The endless nerves. Another 3-1 series lead blown. One million memorable moments. And one giant curse broken.

All to create one of the greatest sporting events you and I will ever see.

It really doesn’t get better than that. Sports at it’s absolute best.

Congrats to Chicago. Congrats to that goddamn genius Theo Epstein. Congrats to Bill Murray. Congrats to the ghost of Harry Caray. Congrats to David freakin’ Ross. Congrats to Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell and Javy Baez and Jake Arrieta and that immensely likable Cubs roster. And most importantly, congrats to every Chicago Cubs fan who has suffered through years and years and years and years of losing.

What a way to flip the script, huh?

Sports are just the fucking best.

How about Bryant smiling through that final out. THAT is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see.

P.S.   Credit to Joe Buck. Dude catches a ton of flack, but he called one hell of a game and absolutely NAILED that final call.

P.P.S.   And a quick kudos to Nike… this commercial was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

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