SportsCenter Nailed Their Cubs World Series Commercial

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While we’re on SportsCenter for just a second, it’s pretty great that they have a guy like SVP on nights like this. Perfect guy, perfect format of show for these Championship moments. SVP remains the best. God damn I can’t wait to watch him after Clemson beats Alabama this year.

Gonna be a ROUGH morning for Boomer. 98% chance he doesn’t remember doing this spot. “Do you think those were tears that were coming down? Or do you think it was the heavens going ‘There’s something momentous that just happened: the Cubs won World Series'” 

Dude what?

P.S.   My New York football team has become a complete embarrassment after these last few weeks but I do love the thought of millions of Jets fans watching this commercial and letting out a hefty “OH COME ON” when they saw the butt fumble sign.

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