Ham’s Hoops Roundup – November 3rd

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Sports happened last night. The best sports. World Series. Game 7. Cubs-Indians. And it was one of the most memorable games we will ever seen.

We all watched it. I watched. You watched. Anyone with half a pulse and even the most fleeting interest in sports watched the World Series.

I stayed up following every last bit of Game 7 coverage, then smashed out a blog at 2 in the morning.

“The Chicago Cubs Are World Series Champions After The Craziest Game 7 Of All Time” 

Creative title, huh?

Is it the greatest piece of journalism ever? Of course not. But I think it did a decent enough job of capturing the insanity of last night’s game. The drama, the tension, the mood swings. That was as good as it gets as a sports fan. So much fun. So freakin awesome. Go read that. That’s more important than an NBA blog right now.

What I’m trying to tell you here is… I didn’t watch basketball last night. And neither did you. And that’s okay. There’s one hundred and something something more nights of basketball. Missing out on a few games isn’t that big a deal, even for the NBA junkie like me… and probably like you if you’re reading this blog today. We’ll survive.

We’ve got a pretty outstanding game to come back too tonight anyway, huh?


I’m not giving you a full Ham’s Hoops Roundup. This is not All The NBA You Need, Nothing That You Don’t. The World Series was too important and too captivating. I couldn’t watch any basketball or take the time to gather highlights and write down thoughts. There are no vines or tweets or takes in here except for some Westbrook stuff from the Thunder Clippers game. Just the scores and gambling lines. Tomorrow we’ll be back with a full Ham’s Hoops Recap. VERY full if Westbrook-Durant lives up to even 10% of it’s billing.

Congrats again Chicago. What a night.

Toronto 113  –  WASHINGTON 103
Toronto cover (Pk)  OVER (205)

CHARLOTTE 109  –  Philadelphia 93
Charlotte covers (-13)  UNDER (197)

Houston 118  –  NEW YORK 99
Houston covers (Pk)  UNDER (218)

(The Knicks STINK. I hate my team.)

LA Lakers 123  –  ATLANTA 116
LA Lakers cover (+12)  OVER (205.5)

BROOKLYN 109  –  Detroit 101
Brooklyn covers (+4)  OVER (204)

BOSTON 107  –  Chicago 103
Boston covers (-3)  OVER (207.5)

UTAH 97  –  Dallas 81
Utah covers (-3.5)  UNDER (185.5)


MEMPHIS 89  –  New Orleans 83  (OT)
Memphis covers (-5)  UNDER (207)

PHOENIX 118  –  Portland 115  (OT)
Phoenix covers (+3)  OVER (216.5)

Oklahoma City 85  –  LA CLIPPERS 83
Oklahoma City (+7.5)  UNDER (208.5)

Russy dropped 35 points…

Threw down the HAMMER…


And hit this ice water in the veins J with 18 seconds left to close out the Clips..

You think he’s tuned up and ready to go for tonight?


I love sports.

That’s it for today. NBA First Week overreactions coming later. And PLENTY of Warriors-Clippers coverage on twitter @yourboyham11 and tomorrow on the blog.


See you back here tomorrow. Thunder 113 – Warriors 110. And check out all the ongoing NBA Preview coverage over at the What’s The Action NBA Preview page.


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