Ham’s Hoops Roundup – November 2nd

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Quick shoutout to everyone who’s been rocking with the Ham’s Hoops Roundup through one week. I’ve had a lot if feedback on it and that’s really cool. I guess when you start posting organized, informative, relatively useful content instead of slightly coherent ramblings, people will respond to it. Only took me well over a year to figure that out. Good job Ham!

To the games…

Another big ole night around the NBA. 9 games. Lot of stuff to get to so hey, let’s get to it.

This is Ham’s Hoops Roundup. All The NBA You Need, Nothing That You Don’t.

Tell em what we love Ron Ron!

First some big off court news from the NBA worth mentioning. The Monday immediately following the Finals the NBA will host it’s first ever Awards Show live on TNT and if there is a god it will be in same format as the Golden Globes. Throw it on Pay Per View and I will pay anything… ANYTHING to watch these guys get lit. Do the right thing, Adam Silver. I know you will.


CLEVELAND 128  –  Houston 120
Houston covers (+9)  OVER (216)

Lebron very uncharacteristically airballed a free throw

And then very characteristically bullied the hell out of people on a basketball court

Kyrie put Eric Gordon in a blender

Before hitting another absolute dagger of a three. Lebron is still the best player in the world. And there are a handful of two-way players I’d rather have on my team and/or build around. But when it comes down to the last five minutes and you need someone to just go get you a bucket… someone you feel most confident taking a pressure shot… Kyrie has to be the answer right now, right? Dude is Dave Chappelle Rick James Cold Blooded. And yes that reference is re-relevant again at least for this week thanks to Paul Pierce.

“Bye. Enjoyed having you here.”

INDIANA 115  –  LA Lakers 108
LA Lakers (-9)  OVER (214.5)

Myles Turner has come back to earth since that 30 point outburst on opening night, but that didn’t stop him from SWALLOWING this Tarik Black dunk attempt.

And Paul George and the Pacers got back on track after back-to-back embarrassing losses to Brooklyn and Chicago last week

Jordan Clarkson put the skates on Aaron Brooks

Orlando 103  –  Philadelphia 101
Philadelphia covers (+5)  OVER (198)

If you read Lee Jenkins’ incredible Joel Embiid feature from last week, you know Embiid has taken to calling himself “The Process”.

That’s not a joke. This dude really wants to be called The Process…

And folks, I think The Process is working

Except that part where they keep losing.

GORDON! (Like Jordan, but it’s Gordon, you get it?)

¡Sergio Rodríguez! Golpeó eso desde el estacionamiento


DETROIT 102  –  New York 89
Detroit covers (-4)  UNDER (200)

Looking Good SuperTeam!

Feelin Good Ham!

MIAMI 108  –  Sacramento 96 (OT)
Miami covers (-3.5)  OVER (199.5)

Boogie fouled out of this game with 30 seconds left after commiting ALL SIX of his fouls in the fourth quarter. That has to be the first time that’s happened to a starter playing over 30 minutes, right?

That especially sucked because Sacramento came back late and had a real chance to win this game in regulation. So Boogie is out, what’s the next best option?

I’ll tell you what’s not… a Rudy Gay step back three.



And so Tyler Johnson scored 7 of his 22 in overtime to bury the Kings. But hey, great attempt Rudy!

MINNESOTA 116  –  Memphis 80
Minnesota covers (-3.5)  UNDER (199.5)

Memphis sat Gasol and Conley for the first of a 3 games in 4 night stretch. Predictably, their bench was not fantastic.

But Zach Lavine was…


Milwaukee 117  –  NEW ORLEANS 113
New Orleans covers (-3.5)  OVER (204)

Anthony Davis put up 35 and 10 and yet again it wasn’t enough. God that New Orleans team is AWFUL.

Yam on em Jabari

Utah 106  –  SAN ANTONIO 91
Utah covers (+10.5)  OVER (186)

Jonathan Simmons threw down an outrageous oop

And Kawhi continued to show off his expanded offensive game

But the Spurs dropped their first game of the season to Rodney Hood and the Jazzles

Golden State 127  –  PORTLAND 104
Golden State covers (-5)  OVER (225)

Welp, that Warriors panic was fun while it lasted!

Steph hit five threes and this layup and scored 23 in the third and looked like Steph again.

The Warriors played AWESOME defense that led to easy offense and outscored Portland 41-20 in the quarter and looked like the Warriors again.

And while they’re by no means at the level of cohesion they need to be later this season, we definitely go a glimpse of how scary this team is.

Though, for the sake of playing devils advocate… Klay does not look pumped to be the third/fourth option on this team. He’s far and away the least unselfish guy on the court and really seems to be taking his whole “I’m sacrificing nothing” thing VERY seriously. Maybe he thinks he’s the best player on this team? Maybe he thinks he deserves more touches for his efforts on defense? Maybe he thinks he could have developed into the player Durant is if Durant hadn’t come to Golden State? Maybe he wasn’t as into this who idea as Steph and Dryamond were? Maybe at some point this season he thinks he could go be the featured guy somewhere else.

Not sayin… JUST SAYIN


Klay ALSO let the world know he’s not dead. Which sounds an awful lot like something a dead person would say

“I’m not dead” -Klay, who is dead

Also shoutout to Jake Layman, the archetype of the Portland white hipster, who came in during garbage time to reign fire on the Warriors.

17 points in 8 minutes. 5 of 7 from three. And got as high as the number 18 trending topic in the world. Thanks for making Garbage time of a blowout extremely entertaining. Also please don’t have sex with my girlfriend*.

*LOL I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m married to the game


That’s it for today. Another full slate of games tonight. Lot of NBA content coming out on What’s The Action this afternoon. Keep an eye out for that.


See you back here tomorrow. And check out all the ongoing NBA Preview coverage over at the What’s The Action NBA Preview page.



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