The NBA Will Host It’s First Ever Awards Show This Year And Please God Let It Be Like The Golden Globes

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The NBA is scorching hot right now. Just on an absolute heater. Viewership and attendance is at an all time high. Gameplay is as good as it’s ever been. Social media is on fire night in and night out. Fans are happy with the product. It’s awesome.

Much of that has to do with Adam Silver and the League Office. They’ve made great call after great call after great call. They’ve embraced social media and the sharing of highlights, limited off-court controversy, sped up the pace of play, increased revenues for both the players and owners, and are close to closing on a new collective bargaining agreement months before talk of a lockout could even begin to fester. They’ve listened to players and to fans and seem to be doing everything to make the game as fun and competitive as possible. And while there’s still a few lingering issues regarding competitive balance and the whole “we already know what the finals matchup is” issue, the start of this season has delivered some extremely competitive games and fascinating storylines to quell that concern (more on this tomorrow). Everyone is happy right now.

What I’m trying to say is… I trust the NBA to do the right thing. I trust them to correctly respond to controversy. I trust them to experiment with ways to further speed up games and properly space out the schedule in this new CBA. I trust them to continue to allow the free flow of highlights on social media. I have complete faith in the NBA.

Which means I trust them to do the right thing here and treat these awards like the Golden Globes.

Booze these players the f up.

Throw them right up front with tables full of liquor and let’s see what happens. Show me JR Smith going straight from the bottle with his shirt off. Let Draymond touch the Henny and charge the stage like Kanye. How many beers can Steven Adams drink? Let’s find out. Will Kawhi start talking/screaming like every quiet kid who drinks too much? I bet he will. Have Russ present an award so he can start barking at the crowd like Suge Knight at the Source Awards. Throw Blake up there for some stand up and let’s turn this thing into a night at the Apollo.

I am here for that. I’m here for all of that.


This award show has unlimited potential if it’s done the right way. It could be the greatest night in the history of social media.

Do the right thing, NBA. I know you will.


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