Ham’s Hoops Roundup – November 1

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Quick note here… Obviously there’s been no Ham’s Hoops Roundup the last few days. Some if that is due to work scheduling. Some due to the Clemson Tigers and their HUUUUUGE Win over Florida State on Saturday. But mostly I’m just figuring out how often to run these. Right now Monday through Friday is a lock. From now until the end of the season you can expect to wake up to a Ham’s Hoops Roundup to help you through the weekday grind. Saturday and Sunday are a toss up. Do I run a full roundup? Do I just hit the National games? Do I save everything for a mega Monday weekend recap? Right now I’m treating it as a play it by ear situation. Let’s get to the Roundup…


God damn man. How man quality close games have we had already? How many great performances? One week in and we’ve seen as much action as we could’ve hoped for in a month. I want to break this season down and inject it in my veins. That’s healthy, right?

This is Ham’s Hoops Roundup. All The NBA You Need, Nothing That You Don’t.

Before we hit the games, there were some contract extensions of note from the 2013 Draft Class finalized before the midnight deadline. You want a good laugh? Look at how bad that draft was. Anthony Bennett number one? Otto Porter, Alex Len, Nerleans Noel, Ben McLemore, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Trey Burke all drafted in the top 10? Dear god…

The three best players were drafted 15th (Giannis Antetokounmpo), 10th (C.J. McCollum), and 12th (Steven Adams) and constitute zero of the league’s top 25 players. And outside of Allen Crabbe (31st), there’s not even a respectable second round pick. Awful, awful draft.

This offseason we saw Giannis (4 years, $100 million), McCollum (4 years, $106 million), and 17th pick Dennis Schroder (4 years, $70 million) lock up extensions.

Last night we saw these guys get theirs:
2nd pick  Victor Oladipo  (4 years, $84 million) 
4th pick  Cody Zeller  (4 years, $56 million)
12th pick  Steven Adams  (4 years, $100 million)
21st pick  Gorgui Dieng  (4 years, $64 million) 
27th pick  Rudy Gobert  (4 years, $102 million) 

The only thing funnier than how outrageously bad that draft looks now is the fact that they’re the first class to get a taste of the new NBA money. $14 mil a year for Cody Zeller to post 9 and 6 a night. What a time to be alive.

TFW you get $84 milly to rock with Russy the next 4 years

To the games…

TORONTO 105  –  Denver 102
Denver covers (+7) Over (206.5)

Gotta put my hand up here. I was very, very wrong about the Lowry-DeRozan backcourt. I’m a huge proponent of the Olympics bump. Spend a summer with Team USA, practicing and competing with the best collection of players in the world, and you’re bound to show a significant amount of growth that next season. We see it ALL the time. If anything, I almost put too much stock in it.

For some reason, a reason that was actually hundo p my complete mistrust of the Raptors, I didn’t buy it with Lowry and DeRozan. I was wrong. About both that backcourt and this Raptors team. I’ll eat that.

They’ve looked awesome this year. 2-1, their sole loss a three point defeat to Cleveland. DeRozan has made a giant leap. Lowry is a more complete player. Valanciunas looks more confident. It’s a better team. I was wrong.

Last night Lowry went for 29-5-7-3 and hit some big shots down the stretch.

And Derozan went for 33 on 13 of 23 shooting to drop his PPG to 35.0

Toronto is still a very good basketball team. I was wrong. My b.

Chicago 118  –  BROOKLYN 88
Chicago covers (-6.5) Under (211)

Am I totally sold on this Bulls team? No. But there’s no denying they’ve looked awesome. Last night’s win over Brooklyn was expected. What wasn’t expected was them ROLLING Boston and Indy by a combined 33 points.

Butler-Wade-Gibson has looked like a poor man’s Big Three.

Rondo seems to be happy in his role. Mirotic and McDermott have been solid off the bench.

And while it’s very, very early, Dwyane Wade looks very, very ready to play this season. This move was on Bojan Bogdanovic, so take it with a grain of salt. But if this is the Wade Chicago gets all season that is a PROBLEM for every non-Cleveland team in the East.

Solid effort from the Nets though #BrooklynGrit

Sorry I just wanted to type #BrooklynGrit

ATLANTA 106  –  Sacramento 95
Atlanta covers (-7) Under (203)

Very quiet 3-0 start for Atlanta against some pretty lackluster opponents. We won’t get a true feel for this team until their back-to-back at Cleveland and home for Chicago next Tuesday. Until then they’ll keep rolling along.

This is quality basketball.

This is not. But hey, if it works, it works.

I’m putting this Garrett Temple yeet here as a PSA that I’ll be calling blocks yeets from now on.


Carry on.


And here’s a little body up from Rudy Gay on Bazemore and Millsap.

LA CLIPPERS 116  –  Phoenix 98
LA Clippers cover (-11.5) Over (206.5)

As wrong as I’ve been about Toronto and Chicago thus far, LA is here to somewhat validate my basketball credibility. Everything has looked good in Clippersland.

Things are golden in LA right now. Defensively they’re playing their asses off. Offensively they’re moving the ball and creating high percentage looks. And most importantly, Blake has come out like a man possessed through 3 games.

I still don’t understand how this turned into an oop but it did.

3-0 with a monster three games in four nights stretch against OKC, Memphis, and San Antonio this week.


That’s it for today. One week into the season as of tonight. TONS of early takeaways and overreactions to get to later this afternoon. Nine games on the slate tonight:


See you back here tomorrow. And check out all the ongoing NBA Preview coverage over at the What’s The Action NBA Preview page.



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