NBA League Pass Needs To Get These Trevor Noah Promos All The Way Out Of My Face

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I mentioned this in the inaugural Ham’s Hoops Roundup this morning (PLUG IT PLUG IT PLUG IT), but the warrants its own blog. It’s that big of an issue.

Listen, I love you, League Pass. You’re honestly one of the greatest things that’s happened in my life. Yes, you have your flaws. I’d love to be able to watch the National TV game through you when a Knicks game is on. I’m not totally jazzed on the idea of the screen placement in this updated version, but it’s not that big a deal.

All in all though, I love you.

But so help my god… if I have to watch Trevor Noah Daily Show promos every 15 minutes we are going to have PROBLEMS, my guy. Serious problems. If I have to hear this dude and those wildly unfunny jokes in his thoroughly annoying voice with that irrationally condescending tone for one more night, I’m bum rushing the Secaucus offices and causing a scene. The only drop off bigger than Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah is Golden State going from Harrison Barnes to Kevin Durant (hi Warriors fans). Get garbage Trevor Noah and his garbage promotions for that garbage show all the way out of my face.

I love you too much to see you treat yourself like this, League Pass. Don’t make me pull out the divorce papers.

Oh by the way I’ve written a lot of NBA Preview Stuff and it’s all over at the What’s The Action NBA Preview Page. Go check it out.


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