The What’s The Action NBA Preview

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Folks… we’re back. One Olympics, dozens of free agency moves, and no less than a billion “The Warriors Blew A 3-1 Lead In The NBA Finals” jokes later, actual NBA basketball is back in our lives. Over the next week on What’s The Action dotcom I’ll be bringing you those fire NBA takes and prognostications. We’ll talk Durant and the Warriors. We’ll talk Lebron and the Cavs. We’ll talk Wolves and Celtics and Bulls and Clippers. We’ll talk Westbrook and Harden, Kawhi and Dame, Davis and Boogie, and of course, the blessing that is JR Smith. And yes, we’ll talk Knicks. So much Knicks. So much Kristaps, so much Melo, so much D-Rose. More Knicks than you can possibly consume. But guess what, you’ll consume it nonetheless because you love basketball as much as I do. And from now until the Cavs and Knicks tip at 8:00pm on Tuesday, October 25th, I’m gonna do everything I can to get you ready for the 2016-17 NBA Season. This is the What’s The Action NBA Preview. Let’s hoop.

I’ll be posting each blog in here as they go up.


Can The Golden State Warriors Handle The Pressure?

The Warriors look like the perfect basketball machine. Are they ready to handle the pressure of being the league’s greatest villains? Keep Reading…


Russell Westbrook Is Going To Kill Everyone… And Damn It’s Gonna Be Fun To Watch

Russell Westbrook will play with more competitive fire and homicidal resentment than we’ve ever seen on a basketball court. Whether or not that’s good for the Thunder remains to be seen. But I can guarantee it’ll be fun to watch. Keep Reading…


The Lovable Los Angeles Clippers

I hate the Clippers. You hate the Clippers. Everyone in the NBA from fans to players to front offices hates the Clippers. But now that they’re the only thing standing between the Warriors and the Finals, we’re gonna have to learn to love them. Keep Reading…Keep Reading…Keep Reading…


Solo Stars In A SuperTeam Galaxy

At a time where SuperTeams have clustered half of the league’s elite talent, the MVP race is wide open. So, which one of these five Solo Superstars is the most valuable? Keep Reading…


The What’s The Action Eastern Conference Over/Unders & Team Previews

Over/Under Predictions and Team Previews – Eastern Conference Edition.
Keep Reading…


The What’s The Action Western Conference Over/Unders & Team Previews

Over/Under Predictions and Team Previews – Western Conference Edition.
Keep Reading…

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