Knicks PG Update: Jennings Embraced At MSG… Rose Claims Colorblindness On The Stand Of His Rape Trial

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You want the good news or the bad news first?


Yeah let’s just go with good for now…

Brandon Jennings is awesome.

Not like… as a starting Point Guard or a guy you want leading your team. If Brandon Jennings is taking big shots over KP and Melo that’s a problem. But awesome as a guy to watch this year. Awesome as a New York, big stage type of player… sometimes.

There’s going to be a LOT of up and downs with Brandon Jennings this season. A LOT. He’s gonna have some games that drive you and I up a fucking wall. Games where he goes 2 of 11 from three, too much Iso-ball, doesn’t get the ball to Kristaps, shooting us out of games with outrageous overconfidence. It’s going to happen… and we just have to learn to accept that now.

But the high points? Ohhhh there are going to be high points. Glorious, magnificent, get you off you couch highs. Moments that will remind the world why MSG is still the best arena in basketball. Brandon Jennings gets it. He understands what this crowd has been dying to see from the guard position. Hot Melo at his best can get the crowd going. Noah will undoubtedly fire fans up on a nightly basis. Kristaps is a basketball unicorn and perfect in every way and a magical force sent from the gods who will own this league for years to come and you can feel the electricity in the building when he touches the ball.

But when a guard gets hot… when a tiny, scrappy point guard is wetting threes and diving on the floor and making plays for the big men to finish with a monstrous dunk… that’s when MSG is at it’s best. And since John Starks left the only time we’ve seen anything remotely like that was the fleeting magic of Linsanity.

Brandon Jennings has the ability to be that guy.

Not all the time… not most of the time… but hopefully enough times to carry this team to a few wins when Melo is cold (there will be no cold Kristaps nights) or Rose is out of town for that whole rape trail thing or the supporting cast can’t hit shots or whatever. Nights we need a guy to step up and be a gamer and clap in some dude’s face and get the crowd going and carry the offense enough to pull a game out of our asses.

He’s not a real point guard. He’s not the answer at the position when Rose eventually breaks his (fill in the blank). So don’t expect that.

But he’s talented enough to, at times, be THAT guy in the backcourt that this team and this crowd has been dying for. And judging by his attitude last night, he very much understands that.

Oh and his growing chemistry with KP? Yes please.

Alright I’m actually in a really good mood now that I wrote that. I’m enthusiastic about the Knicks right now. I don’t want to go down this dahk, dahk, daaaaahk rode of Derrick Rose’s rape trial right now, but I have to. Especially on a day where he’s saying things like this…


Folks… Color blind to red and brown? Maybe that’s why he’s been such a bad passer for the Bulls these last few years! HahahahahawhythefuckdidmyteamtradeforDerrickRosegoddammitIhatehimandIhatethisfranchise

Oh and apparently the case “Might very well be a mistrial” and/or could extend well into the Knicks season. Sweet.

P.S.   I’ll admit I’ve been very non-journalist and done a terrible job of presuming innocence on Rose’s part. I’ve never outright said he did it, but from all the language and the evidence and the whole TMZ smear campaign he’s run on this girl, I’ve been leaning heavily toward the side of “guilty” in how I’ve written about it. I’ll admit that’s not the right way to write about things as serious as, you know… gang rape.

There’s (obviously) a real chance that he’s innocent… and/or that she’s lying/extorting him… and/or that he’s the victim of his own lack of communication skills in telling his side of the story. I think he’s a genuinely unintelligent person who STINKS at saying the right thing, and, that could ultimately be what loses him this case, regardless of whether he’s guilty or innocent.

I just don’t get how he doesn’t understand, or that nobody on his legal team has advised him, that saying shit like “I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO CLAIM RAPE, TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH” is not a thing you say when you didn’t rape someone.




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