Baby Petrino Is Still Whining About The Ground Markers From The Clemson-Louisville Game

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Tigernet  —  Louisville coach Bobby Petrino spoke for the first time to the media at his press conference since the 42-36 loss to #3 Clemson in Death Valley.

“I don’t think it should be marked one place when they have the ball and one place when we have the ball,” Petrino said via the Courier-Journal.

Petrino stated that he thought his receiver James Quick might not have known how far to go to the end zone.

“He caught the ball, he had some room to make a move, and I don’t think it was an effort thing,” Petrino said. “I’m not sure that he knew exactly where he needed to go.”

The winner of the Clemson vs. North Carolina State game on Saturday at Death Valley will control their own destiny in the ACC Atlantic division.

Wahhhhh Wahhhhhh I’m still sad that my wide receiver didn’t have enough heart to get the first down. Wahhhh Wahhhh.

Hey Bobby, maybe if you didn’t spend the ENTIRE game whining and screaming at the refs up and down the sideline then maybe your team wouldn’t have been so clearly flustered and rattled by the pressure. Maybe if you didn’t cry about every single pass play – calls you had no business getting – then maybe your team wouldn’t have been so jumpy and nervous. Maybe take a page out of Dabo’s book. My guy Dabo was as cool and collected as they come and the team followed suit. 26-0 second half run and they didn’t panic for a second. Rattled off a clutch return. Went to the big time receiver to make a big time play. Stepped up defensively to get a huge three and out. Hit our All Conference Tight End for a touchdown and a two point conversion that was sweet redemption for his earlier fumble. And never once looked rattled even as your team marched down the field with the game on the line. That was a cool, calm, collected team with a cool, calm, collected coach that’s been in those moments before and knows how to set the tone for his players. Not a whiny baby who fucking STINKS at driving motorcycles.

Shut up Bobby. You fucking lost dude. Get over it.

I would say see you in the playoffs but hey without an unbeaten Houston team (BIG shoutout to Navy) to potentially beat on November 17th I don’t know how great that strength of schedule is gonna look coming seeding time. But hey, have fun at the Cotton Bowl, Baby!

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