The Russell Westbrook Revenge Tour Is Off To A Good Start

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There’s a lot of unknown that lies ahead this NBA Season.

We don’t know how the Warriors will be stopped. We don’t know if Kyrie can continue to harness his talent like he did in the Finals. We don’t know if the baby Wolves are ready to make the leap. We don’t know how Jimmy & Rondo & Wade will play together. We don’t know the date of Derrick Rose’s injury that he may or may not come back from depending on what his older brother tells him to do. We don’t know if Utah or Indy are for real or just how bad the Brooklyn Nets truly can be. We don’t know if JR Smith is coming back or if he even realizes that the season starts in 20 days. And we don’t know just how transcendent Kristaps truly will be (but I have an idea).

But for all those unknowns… there is one stone cold lead pipe lock of guarantee. One thing we can all count on. One thing that we can gleefully raise our expectations for without any fear of regret.

And that is that Russell Westbrook will be an absolute psychopath this season. An unrelenting, murderous psychopath set out to destroy any and every opponent that steps in his path. Look at where he took off on this in-game dunk. LOOK AT IT!


He WILL destroy multiple rims this season. He WILL run through defenders like a cloud of dust. He WILL post outrageous stat lines and usage rates that make 05-07 Kobe look like Pablo Prigioni.

And he will do everything in his power to prove that he is the uncontainable, unstoppable force that… well that we already know him to be.

Will this lead to sustained success? Of course not. He’ll shoot OKC out of a third of their games, barely make the playoffs, and lose the MVP to a more efficient player like say maybe a 7’3″ basketball unicorn from Latvia. But god damn will it be fun to watch him try to scorch this earth.

P.S.   The Thunder just barely squeaked out a win against Barcelona. I know it’s the preseason but yeah this is gonna be an interesting season in OKC.


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